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work (verb)

perform, function, toil, act, work.

Other synonyms:

stab, apply yourself, aim, labor market, tug, chapel, pull, ease, diligence, travail, boil, energy, division of labor, constancy, the AFL-CIO, ride, jade, force, donkeywork, Equity, labor party, push for, wear, crunch, perseverance, attempt, comprehend, labor union, fatigue, care, apprehend, mash, fag out, lying-in, background, output, childbed, manpower, dig, accouchement, fruit, pains, task, dedication, collaboration, strain, start, childbearing, delegation, dawdle, project, attention, fight, cranch, anti-choice, undertaking, executive, try for, persistence, wear out, delivery, thing, trouble, elbow grease, savvy, dig up, repel, drudgery, workforce, slavery, struggle, overwork, bear, buckle down, ACTU, produce, go after, parturition, delve, campaign, ram, churn, wear upon, stress, production, crawl, labour, Labor Department, brother, slave, bray, application, tote, drop back, COSATU, arrive, payroll, birth, appointment, drift, strive, capitalist, headache, childbirth, amniotic fluid, comminute, the CBI, while, grok, bear on, outwear, get, turn over, compass, hollow, sweat, grind, jab, try, assiduity, antenatal, repulse, birth, heavy lifting, grasp, meander, toil, projection, creep, personnel, intentness, challenge, closed shop, call, dig out, amniocentesis, crowd, pursuit, poke, worker, motor, labor force, force back, parturiency, cut into, crusade, weary, patience, beat back, department of labor, moil, drudge, prod, excavate, forge, baby blues, labor movement, push, staff, killer, proletariat, trade union movement, employer, tire, birthing, press for, people, beast, agitate, expenditure, trail, get the picture, lug, wear down, grate, advertise, working class, baby shower, work at, exert yourself, yield, restriction, sedulousness, drive, confinement, craunch, promote, take, fall behind, the afterbirth, push back, handiwork, advertize, roil, parturition, fag, tire out, Labour Party, put your back into something, press.

Examples of usage:

Such a letter meant all the more because they were used to hunger, but not to writing, and a letter meant perhaps days of thought and enterprise and hours of labor. - "The Burial of the Guns", Thomas Nelson Page.

But far more important was the effect of the strike upon the general labor movement. - "A History of Trade Unionism in the United States", Selig Perlman.

The labor is in itself its own reward and all I want. - "Memoir of John Lothrop Motley, v1", Oliver Wendell Holmes, Sr. Edition: 10 Language: English.

Similar words:

premature labor, false labor, in labor, secretary of labor, department of labor, national labor relations board, Premature Labour, Rudolph Laban, recording label, gummed label.

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