Synonyms for Pile:


quite a few, collection, a lot/lots, a good/great deal of something, quantity, all manner of something, a load of/loads of something. alcoholism, order, amenorrhoea, amnesia, alopecia, adhd, drift, shock, acidity, allergy, bank, amenorrhea, add, tumble, acne, agglomeration. lay out, range, organize, arrange, collate, layer, wealth, sort. bungalow, apartment, chalet, adobe, bunkhouse, boarding house, cabin, pretty penny, rich, billet, apartment building, chateau. cozy up, besiege, edifice, assemble, structure, converge, crowd, clump together, make, cluster, building, huddle. comb, crimp, braid, barbershop, cornrow, condition, comb out, backcomb, blow-dry. place, set out, put, balance, lay, position, put down, settle. pyramid, wall. framework, rafter, stanchion, foundation, joist, scaffold, buttress, frame, gantry, support. fiber, cloth, textile, gather, cut, yarn, pleat. windfall, Payout. a great deal (noun)
big, abundance, profusion, much, barrel, world, power.
amount (noun)
beam (noun)
collection (noun)
heap, collection (noun)
mass, mound, pack, much, shock, stack, quantity, peck, drift, great deal, bank, pyramid, barrel.
leg (noun)
money (noun)
affluence, wealth, dough, riches.
nuclear reactor (noun)
atomic reactor, chain reactor, atomic pile.
pile (noun)
lot, muckle, wad, atomic reactor, pack, spile, jam, atomic pile, mickle, spate, mass, good deal, chain reactor, flock, great deal, mess, tidy sum, mound, peck, slew, deal, raft, heap, stilt, hatful, quite a little, mint, throng, voltaic pile, cumulus, whole slew, galvanic pile, batch, whole lot, mob, sight, plenty, piling, stack.
structure (noun)
texture (noun)
grit, granulation, fineness, texture, surface, grain, weave, fabric, feel, web, smoothness, material, roughness, coarseness, nap, touch, tissue.
wealth (noun)
mint, affluence, dough, wad, riches.


contact (verb)
heap, stack.
gather, pack; put on top of another (verb)
flock, assemble, crowd, jam, heap.

Other synonyms:

collate, agglomeration, Payout, fiber, building, pretty penny, lay out. windfall, arrange, organize, pyramid, layer, collection. sort, structure, set out. lay, add, drift, range, order. put, wall. bank. settle, put down. position. place. balance. a great deal
much, abundance, wealth, power, barrel, world, profusion.
pile up
Other relevant words:
lot, quite a little, raft, slew, tidy sum, quantity, bank, assemble, great deal, chain reactor, pack, peck, batch, deal, plenty, stack, good deal, wad, mess, collection, mound, spile, mass, mint, whole slew, heap, pyramid, atomic pile, sight.

Usage examples for pile

  1. It would cost a pile to print a paper." – Paul and the Printing Press by Sara Ware Bassett
  2. Of what use to pile up the agony to such a height? – Molly Bawn by Margaret Wolfe Hamilton
  3. And your own little pile – The Boy With the U.S. Miners by Francis Rolt-Wheeler