Synonyms for Apply:


fall back on, demand, try out for, consume, draw on, bring in, go toward, ask. affix, affirmative action, appraisal, application, stamp, fasten, biodata, bidder, application form, lay on, applicant, administer, bestow, touch, join, appraise, spread on. bury, pertain, smother, crown, cover, insulate, involve, allude to, bear on, regard, top, touch on, coat, fit, wrap, concern, recover, suit, blanket. do with, be bound up/together, interrelate, surround, correspond, pertain to, be associated with, dispense, have something to do with something, link. actuate, used, exploit. direct, concentrate, focus, collect, turn, buckle down, work, bend. appertain, relevant, relate. sue. go, run, resort, repair. put in. apply (noun)
employ, give, utilize, use, implement, put on, go for, enforce, practice, hold, utilise.


appeal (verb)
appeal, address, buttonhole, beg, petition, implore, supplicate, greet, beseech, request, approach, accost, entreat, plead, invite, entice, solicit.
apply (verb)
effect, serve, exert, utilize, operate, employ, practice, function, exercise, implement, conduct, use.
ask, request (verb)
claim, sue, put in, petition, solicit, appeal, demand.
attribute (verb)
ascribe, acknowledge, blame, attach, impute, connect, set, cite, attribute, place, assign, accredit, cast, mark, credit, brand, refer.
be appropriate, relevant (verb)
appertain, connect, suit, regard, pertain, touch, fit, concern, refer, involve, relate.
consumption (verb)
employ, utilize, utilise, use.
contact (verb)
put on.
exert (verb)
discharge, wield, expend, toil, labor.
petition (verb)
bid, compete, claim, aspire, seek, hope.
possession (verb)
put into use (verb)
exploit, exercise, implement, employ, practice, assign, utilize, administer.
put substance on another (verb)
join, fasten, place, cover, put on, bestow, lay on, affix.
work hard (verb)
bend, turn, direct, concentrate, give, address, buckle down.

Other synonyms:

bidder, appraisal, fall back on, application form, biodata, applicant, go toward, appertain. concern, exploit, consume, appraise, draw on, pertain. actuate. bring in, resort, fit, dispense, relate, application, concentrate. administer, sue, bend. touch, direct. run. go. turn. consume
appeal, request, ask.
use up
Other relevant words:
ask, concern, link, demand, coat, involve, administer, go for, give, bestow, pertain, bear on, affix, fit, work, put on, blanket, spread on, regard, exploit, concentrate, allude to, go, lay on, cover, touch, pertain to, interrelate, utilise, repair, relate, run, sue, enforce, hold, fall back on, appraisal, focus, wrap, buckle down, application, biodata, fasten, direct, suit, actuate, join, dispense, bend, put in, appertain, consume, turn, resort.

Usage examples for apply

  1. Seldom do training schools apply physical tests to students who intend to become teachers. – Civics and Health by William H. Allen
  2. Therefore he would not venture to apply to the police, though doubtless they would be able to discover the man, if he were anywhere in London. – David Elginbrod by George MacDonald
  3. It is because many persons, not having acquired the habit of correct speech, do not think to apply the rules of grammar in conversation. – The Man Who Pleases and the Woman Who Charms by John A. Cone