Synonyms for Permission:


entrance, entry, priority, voice, public interest, access, right. O.K., allow. acceptance (noun)
consent, green light, nod.
act (noun)
permit, license.
admission (noun)
certification, designation, access, confirmation, entrance.
agreement (noun)
approbation (noun)
approval (noun)
approbation, affirmation, assent, authentication, consent, acceptance, confirmation, endorsement, blessing, validation, approval, ratification, sanction, Underwriting, imprimatur.
assent (noun)
accord, affirmation, authorization.
authority (noun)
authorization (noun)
blessing, designation, warrant, commission, certification, validation, authorization, entitlement, agreement, notarization, enfranchisement, empowerment.
dismissal (noun)
discharge, pardon, privilege, exception, amnesty, absolution, concession, liberty, freedom, license, relief, exemption, dispensation, reprieve, immunity, dismissal, excuse, waiver, release, stay.
freedom (noun)
passage (noun)
visa, legalization.
permission (noun)
agreement, avowal, acquiescence, admission, assent, endorsement, privilege, indulgence, promise, rubber stamp, imprimatur, empowerment, acceptance, sanction, approbation, freedom, tolerance, carte blanche, liberty, approval, license, recognition, verification, concurrence, permit, dispensation, acknowledgment, letting, warrant, toleration, concession.
permit (noun)
praise (noun)


leave (verb)
assurance, tolerance, accord, concurrence, guarantee, avowal, advocacy, high sign, commendation, adjustment, connivance, toleration, imprimatur, legalization, concordance, Empowering, grant, green light, carte blanche, nod, admission, support, the go-ahead, rubber stamp, acquiescence, recognition, promise, settlement, subscription, verification, indulgence, corroboration, acknowledgment, letting, grace, guaranty, encouragement, trust, visa, O.K..

Other synonyms:

acquiescence, carte blanche, priority, toleration, voice, access, tolerance. entry, O.K., admission, nod, public interest. entrance. right. endorsement
Other relevant words:
advocacy, concurrence, indulgence, right, grace, priority, rubber stamp, toleration, concordance, entry, assurance, green light, grant, legalization, promise, admission, acknowledgment, access, commendation, allow, nod, permit, avowal, tolerance, Empowering, guaranty, settlement, imprimatur, recognition, visa, acquiescence, encouragement, support, subscription, carte blanche, accord, trust, adjustment, corroboration, connivance, letting, entrance, verification, guarantee.

Usage examples for permission

  1. Head bowed, he waited for permission to speak. – Warrior of the Dawn by Howard Carleton Browne
  2. I am going to Seville with Alfonso to beg his mother's permission for us to marry. – Maximina by Armando Palacio Valdés
  3. However, the permission was given at last. – Melbourne House by Elizabeth Wetherell