Synonyms for Resistance:


endurance, vacillation, fastness, brownout, active, arc light, stableness, arc, permanence, stability, imperviousness, hardness, susceptibility. suppress, annex, reserve, subjugate, attrition, seize, invade, subdue, detention, conquer, besiege, occupy, storm, retardation. fitness, athleticism, uprising, front, force, boycott, virility, strike, brawn, slowdown, strength, walkout, energy, revolution, muscle. denial, dismissal, veto, refusal, rejection, silence, Renitence, resist, ban, Renitency. indestructibility, invincibility, hardiness, robustness, sturdiness, Inviolability, intensity, Insusceptibility, durability. antagonism (noun)
contrariety, antipathy, hostility, dissension, enmity, disagreement, conflict.
backlash (noun)
response, tangle, backfire.
contention (noun)
contrariety, dissidence, contention, encounter, quarrel, tension, controversy, struggle, antipathy.
defense (noun)
armor, backfire, barrier, barricade, moat, shelter, guard, safeguard, support, response, buffer, countermeasure, screen, immunity, aversion, fastness, rebuttal, argument, retort, security, reply, harbor, cover, wall, shield, answer, fortress, stronghold, defense, return, protection.
defiance (noun)
temerity, affront, insolence, stubbornness, attack, insurgency, dissension, recalcitrance, contravention, boldness, audacity, dissent, rebelliousness, insubordination.
disinclination (noun)
distaste, aversion, repugnance, opposition, reluctance, objection, demur.
dissent (noun)
dissidence, protest, denial.
electricity (noun)
electricity, polarity, conductor, motherboard, frequency, amplifier, insulator, capacitance, microphone, electrostatic, negative, kilohertz, memory, triode, cycle, monitor, impedance, magnetism, direct current, television, current, video, discharge, circuit, radar, charge, watt, capacitor, juice, resistor, crt, electrode, positive, processor, radio, amperes, network, anode, megahertz, connection, fm, ac, wattage, tube, transmitter, tweeter, speaker, cathode, voltage, receiver, shock, backplane, electronics, volt, alternating current, induction, diode, electromagnetism, circuit card, ic, transistor, computer, spark, ohm.
fight (noun)
attack, boldness.
firmness (noun)
hardness, imperviousness, durability.
friction (noun)
rubbing, friction, chafing, scraping, Fretting, rasping, wearing, grinding, abrasion, attrition, scrubbing.
hindrance (noun)
congestion, complication, disadvantage, mire, jam, tangle, brake, restriction, frustration, constraint, plug, stop, delay, catch, blockage, dam, encumbrance, crimp, block, snarl, burden, snag, restraint, obstacle, blockade, stoppage, hurdle, bafflement, damper, choke, clog, drag, bung, stay, drawback, handicap, bottleneck, impasse, entrapment, interruption, constipation, entanglement, deterrent.
opposition (noun)
defiance, confrontation, protest, enmity, fight, dispute, objection, adversary, interference, demur, disagreement, challenge, conflict, inhibition, obstruction, opposition, obstinacy, hindrance, impediment, contradiction, repression, hostility, repulsion, antagonism, rebuff, suppression, dissonance, counterattack, counteraction.
resistance (noun)
halting, impediment, shield, cover, holding, immunity, support, contention, screen, rebuff, friction, counteraction, fight, stand, safeguard, resistivity, resistor, detention, electrical resistance, opposition, obstruction, retardation, electric resistance, impedance, defiance, underground, struggle, hindrance, impeding, refusal, protection, check, Ohmic Resistance.
unwillingness (noun)
contrariness, disinclination, Averseness, distaste, reluctance, unwillingness, Repellency, repugnance, balkiness, noncooperation.

Other synonyms:

denial, refusal, brawn, virility, Insusceptibility, Renitency, imperviousness, Renitence, athleticism. endurance, stability, ban, silence. veto, dismissal, intensity, muscle, energy. rejection, strength. force. insurrection
ohmic resistance
Ohmic Resistance.

Usage examples for resistance

  1. They made no long resistance after they were thus broke in upon, but having lost all order, fled. – Plutarch-Lives-of-the-noble-Grecians-and-Romans by Clough, Arthur Hugh
  2. Your unexpected resistance has taken the very bread out of my mouth; and since you would not let me rob you, at least be generous and give me something. – Captain Fracasse by Theophile Gautier
  3. I saw that resistance was useless. – Richard Carvel, Complete by Winston Churchill Last Updated: March 5, 2009