Synonyms for Arc:


wriggle, swirl, whirl, twirl, rotation, about-face, spin, revolution. angle, bend, round, arc light, brownout, alternating current, ac, straight, charge, active, turn. outline, horizontal, line, inclined plane, diagonal, axis, diameter, chord. swing, circle, revolve, rotate. arc (noun)
curve, discharge, bow, spark, arch, electric discharge, electric arc.
arch (noun)
segment of a circle.
curve (noun)
bend, arch, chord, bow, round.
phenomenon (noun)
spark, discharge, electric arc, electric discharge.
shape (noun)


motion (verb)
arch, curve.

Other synonyms:

angle, brownout, diameter, arc light, charge, alternating current, ac, horizontal, diagonal, active, inclined plane. chord, axis, bend. outline. line, turn. Other relevant words:
bend, angle, line, charge, brownout, round, chord, circle, diagonal, turn, arc light, ac, diameter.

Usage examples for arc

  1. But by some mishap she tossed it too high, and it made an arc clean over the tree and fell in a distant corner by the hedge. – Martin Pippin in the Apple Orchard by Eleanor Farjeon
  2. A tube of oxyluciferin exposed to sunlight for six hours, or the mercury arc for two hours, will be partially converted into luciferin. – The Nature of Animal Light by E. Newton Harvey