Synonyms for Urn:


bury, burial, box, cortege, Ashes, coffin, cremains, cremate, casket, bier. churn, cauldron, cake tin, cookie sheet, casserole, coffeepot, cake pan, billy, deep fryer. planter, terrarium, cloche, hanging basket, tub, cold frame. container (noun)
large jar (noun)
jar, container, vase.
pot (noun)
cuspidor, boiler, amphora, teakettle, jug, demiJohn, flowerpot, vase, teapot, kettle, caldron.
vessel (noun)
container, cinerary urn, jar, funerary urn.

Other synonyms:

cold frame, hanging basket, jar, terrarium. cloche, planter. tub. Other relevant words:
coffin, tub, jar, terrarium, bier, cinerary urn, cloche, container.

Usage examples for urn

  1. A great urn with an oil lamp under it, stands in one corner. – In the Tail of the Peacock by Isabel Savory