Synonyms for Avoid:


desist, edge off, keep out of the way, flee from, stay away, fight shy of, let well enough alone, withdraw, wriggle out of (doing) something, hold oneself aloof from, keep in the background, keep clear of, malinger, draw back, shrink from, give a wide berth, steer clear of, stay out of, duck out of, pass up, refrain from, shake off, hold off, escape from, study at escape, recoil from, turn aside, let alone, flinch from (doing) something, avert the eyes, keep oneself aloof, skirt, go off, get out of, give one the slip, stay back, keep at a respectful distance, lay off, abstain from. eschew, give a wide berth to, squash, obstruct, prohibit, stop, have no truck with, knock something on the head, discourage, get in the way of something, burke, prevent, get around. spurn, brush off, snub, look through, keep your distance, stand up, get/be given the cold shoulder, blank. avoid (noun)
annul, head off, fend off, obviate, keep off, invalidate, debar, nullify, ward off, quash, avert, deflect, void, stave off.


avoid (verb)
escape, duck, recoil, shun, avert, circumvent, dodge, shrink, shirk, decline, abstain, evade, bypass, skip, elude, sidestep.

Other synonyms:

obstruct, steer clear of, stay away, prevent, shrink from, brush off, duck out of, stay out of, discourage, look through, circumnavigate, prohibit, pass by. detour, burke, spurn, shave. get out of. hold off, blank. squash. stand up. stop, round. range. beware
refrain from, steer clear of.
have no truck with, let well enough alone.
fend off
stave off, keep off.

Usage examples for avoid

  1. But she said nothing, resolved, if possible, to avoid all occasion for " getting it." – Alec Forbes of Howglen by George MacDonald
  2. He was glad because this bowed position gave him a chance to look down to the ground and avoid their cruel eyes. – Bull Hunter by Max Brand
  3. What I was trying to do was to avoid calling for Dr. Khayme, who, I feared, would betray me through surprise. – Who Goes There? by Blackwood Ketcham Benson