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Palmed - 110 results
Examples of usage:

This was received with loud peals of applause, and the usual votes of thanks having been passed to the members and the High Bailiff, the meeting was dissolved, reiterating the warm expressions of their approbation of my blowing up such a bubble as was intended to have been palmed upon them by the gentlemen of the Rump Committee. - "Memoirs of Henry Hunt, Esq. Volume 3", Henry Hunt.

He cut a slice of Schnitz- pie and palmed it against the bull's big snout to be snuffled up. - "Blind Man's Lantern", Allen Kim Lang.

And still the one man she was looking for never put his broad- palmed, long- fingered hand on the iron bar or turned his heavy- featured face towards her little window. - "The Privet Hedge", J. E. Buckrose.

Similar words:

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