Synonyms for Discard:


replace, remove, eradicate. discard (noun)
toss out, cast out, throw out, throwing away, toss away, put away, dispose, throw away, toss, chuck out, cast aside, fling, cast away.


get rid of (verb)
sweep away, dispossess, cast aside, free of, do away with, renounce, throw away, dump, divorce, have done with, desert, eliminate, dispense with, repeal, put by, dispose of, remove, toss aside, drop, give up, scrap, dispatch, deep-six, relinquish, reject, jettison, shed, write off, abandon, part with, throw out, junk, ditch, abdicate, throw overboard, eject, forsake, cancel.
reject (verb)
blackball, excrete, exclude, disclaim, vent, junk, shear, lop, disgorge, blacklist, disallow, evacuate, erupt, disapprove, exude, deep-six, shed, eject, emit, oppugn, bar, belch, eliminate, drain, crop, abandon, seep, scrap, discharge, snip, reject, clip, jilt, trash, spew, excise, cut, jettison, deny, secrete, cull, vomit, exhaust, check, chop, curtail.
rid (verb)
capitulate, let go, release, forgo, disown, relinquish, leave, dispose, surrender, dispel, abdicate, relegate, cancel, forsake, drop, vacate, waive, dismiss, part with, renounce, rid, desert.

Other synonyms:

eradicate, root out. remove, do away with, ditch. replace, dump, dispose of. dispatch. abandon
leave, let go.
cast aside
cast aside.
have done with, sweep away, lay aside.
dispense with.
get rid of
ditch, eighty-six.
pass up.
give up.
throw away
rid oneself of, free of, dispose of.

Usage examples for discard

  1. " I discard my birth. – The Zeppelin's Passenger by E. Phillips Oppenheim
  2. He has built up a very ingenious and plausible reconstruction, but let us discard mere theory, and stick to the facts. – The Shrieking Pit by Arthur J. Rees