Synonyms for Celebrate:


anthem, baptise, admire, baptize, call down, benediction, catechism, extol, the Book of Common Prayer, baptism, amen. wassail, celebration, live it up, whoop it up, parade, welcome, feast. remember. laughter. exalt, Panegyrize, magnify, eulogize. celebrate (noun)
keep, lionize, lionise, fete.


celebrate (verb)
laud, venerate, honor, fete, solemnize, enjoy, observe, party, frolic, hail, commemorate, make merry, praise, trumpet, exult, proclaim, inaugurate, revel, rejoice, glorify, hallow, cheer, jubilate, memorialize, carouse, salute, acclaim.
commemorate occasion, achievement (verb)
extol, praise, exalt, lionize, observe, party, hallow, honor, carouse, rejoice, solemnize, jubilate, live it up, consecrate, make merry, revel, signalize, proclaim, memorialize, glorify, fete, dedicate, laud, feast, eulogize, keep.
social (verb)
keep, observe.

Other synonyms:

benediction, call down, amen, consecrate, wassail, live it up, whoop it up, Panegyrize, the Book of Common Prayer, catechism, baptism. celebration, extol, eulogize, baptize. exalt, magnify. parade, welcome. mark. distinguish
whoop it up.

Usage examples for celebrate

  1. We want to celebrate a great event." – Loaded Dice by Ellery H. Clark
  2. The British troops prefer to celebrate the advance in a more trivial fashion, 'This way to the early door, sixpence extra. – England and the War by Walter Raleigh
  3. We must celebrate the event somehow this evening. – Lucy Maud Montgomery Short Stories, 1907 to 1908 by Lucy Maud Montgomery