Synonyms for Reprimand:


find fault with, put down, denigrate, deride. praise, attack, reprove, chastise, upbraid, admonish, let someone have it, rap, tax. blame (noun)
oral punishment (noun)
reprehension, censure, lecture, rebuke, reproof, rap.
rebuke (noun)
reprimand (noun)
criminate, lambaste, lecture, reproval, chide, rebuke, reprehension, jaw, lambast, have words, scold, bawl out, remonstrate, berate, rag, trounce, dress down, chew up, chew out, censure, reproof.


blame, scold (verb)
chide, castigate, dress down, chew out, reprove, admonish, upbraid, criticize, reproach.
criticize (verb)
disparage, castigate, censure, criticize, reproach, chide.

Other synonyms:

denigrate, deride. rap, reprove. chastise, put down. bawl out
have words.
Other relevant words:
dress down, have words, denigrate, reproval, criminate, chew out, reprove, find fault with, rag, rebuke, admonish, remonstrate, reprehension, jaw, lambast, chastise, let someone have it, chew up, berate, upbraid, tax, reproof, lambaste, scold, lecture, bawl out, attack, trounce, rap.