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reprimand - 139 results
Examples of usage:

She learned faster than she could be taught; and her temper is so sweet, and her heart so affectionate, that I really do not remember that she has ever deserved a reprimand in her life." - "The Vicar of Wrexhill", Mrs [Frances] Trollope.

And Tommy, to his secret delight, got off with a very slight reprimand, for they were all so proud of the clever way in which they had rescued him that they forgave him for having allowed himself to be taken prisoner. - "A Tale of the Summer Holidays", G. Mockler.

I dared scarce reprimand the men, for they were full of fury. - "The Story of Old Fort Loudon", Charles Egbert Craddock.

Similar words:

reprimanded, reprisal, reprint, replicate, repugnant, repressed, reprinting, reprobate, shoe repairing.

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