Synonyms for Ceremonial:


ritual, formal (adjective)
conventional, liturgical, ritualistic, stately, solemn.
ritualistic (adjective)
eucharistic, ritual, liturgical, canonical, sacramental, ritualistic.


ceremonious, congressional, plenary, processional, face to face, head-to-head, inaugural. graduation, initiation, induction, commemoration, dedication, communicator, commencement, convocation. ceremonial (noun)
ceremony, observance, ceremonial occasion, formal.
event (noun)
ceremonial occasion, observance, ceremony.

Other synonyms:

communicator, head-to-head, processional, antisocial, commemoration, collaborative, ceremonious, collegiate. initiation, congressional, inaugural, convocation, face to face, conventional, clerical, assistant, commencement, plenary. adjunct, associate, cooperative, graduation, dedication. induction.

Usage examples for ceremonial

  1. Hence we may see how wisely Numa arranged this, among other matters of ceremonial – Plutarch's Lives, Volume I (of 4) by Plutarch
  2. Almost always the ceremonial entrance of a royal person is marked by a 'flourish' or a 'sennet' on trumpets, cornets, or hautboys; and wherever we have armies and battles we find directions for drums, or for particular series of notes of trumpets or cornets appropriate to particular military movements. – Oxford Lectures on Poetry by Andrew Cecil Bradley
  3. But the drink of the people at large in Japan is green tea, although powdered tea is also used, but reserved for special functions and ceremonial occasions. – The Little Tea Book by Arthur Gray