Synonyms for Inept:


clumsy, unskilled; incompetent (adjective)
bumbling, incapable, inexpert, incompetent, awkward, Unapt, gauche, ungraceful, maladroit, unskillful, inefficient.
improper (adjective)
Unapt, unbefitting.
inexpedient (adjective)
disadvantageous, inefficient, unfit, inexpedient, delinquent, mistimed, inconvenient, unsuitable, unsatisfactory, untimely, undesirable.
not suitable; improper (adjective)
inapt, unseemly, unsuitable, unfit, malapropos, infelicitous, inappropriate.
unskillful (adjective)
Skill-less, unpolished, unpracticed, amateurish, crude, bumbling, unskillful, awkward, incompetent.
untrained (adjective)


awful, amateur, poor, no-good, helpless, someone couldn't do something if they tried. improper, usual, Unapt, inappropriate, incongruous, unbefitting, unseemly, unbecoming, agree, malapropos. ability, good, unfortunate, unhappy. incapable, inexpert, unskilled, unworkmanlike. bumbling, heavy-handed, gauche. graceless, lumpish, ungraceful, klutzy. awkward (noun)
inept (noun)
clumsy, maladroit, tactless, cumbersome, feckless, incompetent, infelicitous, inapt, awkward, ill-chosen.
unsuitable (noun)

Other synonyms:

unbefitting, bumbling, unworkmanlike, unseemly, ungraceful, klutzy. improper, helpless, poor, malapropos, unskilled, lumpish, inappropriate, unbecoming. Unapt, amateur. unhappy, incongruous. awful. unfortunate. awkward
heavy-handed, graceless.
Other relevant words:
gauche, infelicitous, helpless, unseemly, cumbersome, clumsy, maladroit, inexpert, heavy-handed, Unapt, lumpish, ungraceful, incongruous, unhappy, unbefitting, malapropos, improper, incapable, unskilled, ill-chosen, inapt, bumbling, klutzy, graceless, unbecoming, unworkmanlike, unfortunate, feckless, tactless, inappropriate, poor.

Usage examples for inept

  1. His processes of thought are often scientific in their precision of analysis; the sudden conclusion which he imposes upon them is transcendental and inept – Life of Robert Browning by William Sharp
  2. But Peru's army of eight thousand- having within four hundred as many officers as men, directed by no fewer than twenty- six generals, and presided over by a civil government altogether inept was no match for an army less than a third of its size to be sure, but well drilled and commanded, and with a stable, progressive, and efficient government at its back. – The Hispanic Nations of the New World Volume 50 in The Chronicles Of America Series by William R. Shepherd
  3. And in his heart he cursed, not Naraini, not Salig Singh, but himself for his inept folly in bringing to India the photograph which had been stolen from him and so had discovered to the conspirators his interest in the girl. – The Bronze Bell by Louis Joseph Vance