Synonyms for Drink:


dram, potation, sip, draft, drop, brew, jigger, shot, potion, liquid, refreshment, bumper, alcoholics anonymous, glass, belt, double, bottle, nip, binge drinking, libation, aa, dependence, designated driver, slug, drag, cheers, spot, tonic, delirium tremens, Al-Anon, swig. moonshine, intoxicant, alcohol, barhop, poison, whiskey, abuse, knock back, pick-me-up, hold your drink, have a skinful, jolt, highball, wine, bracer, sober up, drink like a fish, belt down, snort. cup, pull on, chaser, mouth, toss down, aperitif. lush, tipple, infusion, Drugs, refreshments, soak, tank up. give, polish off, drink up, have, quench, drain. remember, desire. beverage (noun)
lemonade, coffee, beer, soda pop, milk, pop, ale, juice, liquor, water, tea, eggnog, cocoa, punch, beverage, nectar, soft drink, soda, milk shake.
beverage; alcoholic beverage (noun)
liquid, glass, brew, refreshment, taste, libation, potion, spot, potation, slug, draft, shot, cup, alcohol, liquor, potable.
booze (noun)
cocktail (noun)
highball, wine, aperitif.
drink (noun)
fuddle, pledge, mead, potion, schnapps, drinking, rum, porter, applejack, rye, gin, bitters, lager, vodka, brandy, sloe gin, salute, saki, tequila, bourbon, wassail, toast, champagne, booze, whisky, boozing, drinkable, imbibe, cognac, scotch, Hirsch, drunkenness, beverage, potable, crapulence, drink in, deglutition.
measure (noun)
oblation (noun)
sip (noun)
taste (noun)
whiskey (noun)
rye, bourbon.


consumption (verb)
drink (verb)
quaff, carouse, guzzle, swill.
eat (verb)
consume, eat, bite, gulp, ingest, dine, sup, devour.
take in liquid (verb)
imbibe, gulp, booze, swig, tank up, guzzle, sup, toast, sip, tipple, drain, swill, consume, belt, nip, quaff.

Other synonyms:

pick-me-up, whiskey, nip, belt down, chaser, quench, slug, barhop, knock back, aperitif, glass, tipple, potation, tank up, drink up. infusion, draft. shot. belt. soak, cup. double. abuse. drain. drop. alcohol
drink down
Other relevant words:
highball, drinkable, have, pick-me-up, toast, poison, liquid, jigger, bumper, draft, potation, tonic, drunkenness, boozing, cheers, glass, potable, belt, pull on, whiskey, intoxicant, remember, potion, knock back, infusion, quench, deglutition, pledge, give, cup, polish off, slug, barhop, refreshments, Drugs, mouth, drop, snort, double, drain, soak, refreshment, toss down, jolt, spot, drag, salute, shot, sip, tank up, drink up, desire, libation, imbibe, abuse, fuddle, tipple, moonshine, brew, drink in, nip, swig, chaser, drinking, aperitif, bracer, wassail, crapulence, bottle, Al-Anon, dependence, wine, aa, dram, lush, booze, alcohol.

Usage examples for drink

  1. Have a drink Mr. Gray? – Flowing Gold by Rex Beach
  2. " We'll have a drink first and then see," he said. – The Husbands of Edith by George Barr McCutcheon
  3. " You'll get no drink from me. – Myths and Folk Tales of Ireland by Jeremiah Curtin