Synonyms for Drill:


blowtorch, box end wrench, blowlamp, applicator, bellows, bradawl, Allen Wrench, adjustable wrench. compost, deadhead, cross-pollinate, marching, feed, aerate, cross-fertilize, bed out, parade, bonsai, training, march. dribble, knock, kick, shoot, pass, corkscrew, hook, strike at, smash, cross, trepan, play. inspect, inspection, halt, boot camp, double time, planter, attention, annapolis. cash crop, arable, crop, drive, corn, implant, pound, crop circle, impress, cultivated, cultivate, combine, crop rotation. means, procedure, mode, system, rehearsal, basis, method, way, tactic, manner, technique, study. canvas, coir, cheesecloth, corduroy, calico, chintz, buckram, burlap, barkcloth, cambric. dialog, field trip, home schooling, CBI, classroom, edutainment, direct method, blended learning, dialogue. ground, induct, initiate. cut, chop, crimp, card, chip away, flail, chase. animal (noun)
Mandrillus Leucophaeus.
drill (noun)
practice session, practise, practice, exercise, Mandrillus Leucophaeus, recitation, electric drill, bore.
perforator (noun)
bore, poker, thorn, arrow, point, stick, Perforator, blade, bit, skewer, needle, die, spike, lance, tip, spur, puncture, penetrator, spear.
practice (noun)
repetition, preparation.
practice, exercise (noun)
repetition, preparation, marching, training.
preparation (noun)
rehearsal (noun)
practice session.
tool (noun)
crosscut saw, plane, wedge, awl, lug wrench, coping saw, wrench, keyhole saw, emery wheel, sledgehammer, jigsaw, radial arm saw, mallet, chisel, lathe, jointer, crowbar, gouge, axe, ripsaw, table saw, claw hammer, chain saw, Bow-saw, spoke shave, tool, wrecking bar, level, planer, auger, circular saw, monkey wrench, stapler, hammer, hatchet, shovel, scroll saw, spade, hacksaw, trowel, knife, machete, grapnel, snips, scissors, square, cold chisel, shears, vise, file, sickle, back saw, pliers, scythe, screwdriver, punch, pickax, posthole auger, hoe, grindstone, spanner, arc welder, ball-peen hammer, bench drill, calipers, handsaw, welder, jackknife, hedge trimmer, tire iron, Drill press, band saw, edger, saw, buzz saw, miter box, tin snips, pick, pipe wrench.
tool for boring (noun)
auger, punch, awl, corkscrew, trepan, bit.


bore hole (verb)
pierce, perforate, penetrate, puncture.
contact (verb)
perforate (verb)
pierce, perforate, penetrate, poke.
teach (verb)
educate, school, tutor, instruct, instill, teach, enlighten, guide, edify, lecture, coach, imbue, train, indoctrinate, inculcate.
train, discipline (verb)
practice, instruct, exercise, teach.

Other synonyms:

boot camp, bed out, home schooling, edutainment, field trip, blended learning, canvas, classroom, bonsai, CBI, annapolis, compost, direct method, double time, cross-pollinate. implant, feed, halt, aerate, deadhead, inspection, chip away. dialogue, flail, training, inspect, attention. chop, crimp, pound, impress, chase. study, march. drive. card. practice
rehearsal, practice.
Other relevant words:
corduroy, deadhead, chase, repetition, corkscrew, bonsai, compost, dialogue, practice, inspection, annapolis, way, exercise, crimp, electric drill, preparation, trepan, drive, pound, marching, system, edutainment, impress, march, bradawl, attention, method, cross-pollinate, practise, ground, feed, study, cultivate, mode, recitation, practice session, CBI, initiate, card, training, procedure, rehearsal, implant, Mandrillus Leucophaeus.

Usage examples for drill

  1. Under his training I was soon able to drill with the company. – Who Goes There? by Blackwood Ketcham Benson
  2. This drill consists in throwing a ball against a wall, and catching it, with the following variations. – Games for the Playground, Home, School and Gymnasium by Jessie H. Bancroft
  3. As he slept, his father, whose name was Fire- drill appeared to him and spoke: 'Take one of those old canoes into the woods and cover it with bushes. – The Strange Story Book by Mrs. Andrew Lang