Synonyms for School:


monitor, grader, old boy, A student, head boy, boarder, academy, old girl, classmate, dropout, head girl. academia, faculty, following, graduate school, business school, grad school, alma mater. institution, commission, establishment, association, flash mobbing, hall, panel, organization, Support Group, flash mob, police, building. strain, press for, struggle, attempt, try, strive, go after, push for, try for. bareback, dismount, equestrian, gallop, canter, break in, bridle. gaggle, community, brace, flight. induct, ground. research, Research and Development, revision, case study, scholarship, researcher, probation, school days, specialization. artists (noun)
caricaturist, futurist, illustrator, artist, the Bloomsbury Group, draftsman, the avant-garde, impressionist, classicist, cartoonist.
circle (noun)
crew, bunch, crowd, posse, company, assembly, ring, outfit, clan, cabal, society, coterie, fraternity, club, gang, mob.
class (noun)
division, league, collection.
crew (noun)
fleet, aggregation, faction, division, group, troupe, colony, host, army, band, hive, collection, herd, caucus, brigade, team, complement, cadre, company, litter, outfit, troop, gang, mob, party, fellowship, battalion, fraternity, tribe, flock, society, assembly, nest, squad, platoon, set, pack, coterie, coalition, bunch, phalanx, circle, sect, drove, clique, ring, staff, junta, assemblage, cabal, detachment, posse, body, string, league, detail, club, wing, union, covey, force, crew, regiment, retinue, crowd, clan, cell, bevy.
school (noun)
group, cultivate, classroom, faculty, shoal, class, institute, hall, collegiate, following, college, preschool, circle, establishment, schoolroom, schoolhouse, faction, university, clique, schooltime, academy, train, institution, alma mater, set, sect, civilise, high school, party, civilize, schooling.
school of thought (noun)
schools (noun)
comprehensive school, boarding school, community college, convent school, COMP, church school, conservatory, charm school.


bring up (verb)
coach (verb)
break in.
school (verb)
cultivate, indoctrinate, instruct, coach, tutor, guide, train, manage, educate, drill.
teach (verb)
inculcate, imbue, educate, lecture, drill, teach, tutor, enlighten, edify, indoctrinate, coach, guide, instill, instruct, train.

Other synonyms:

researcher, Research and Development, alma mater. scholarship, specialization, case study, institution, conservatory, research. revision, probation. study. prepare

Usage examples for school

  1. It passed off in that school pretty much as it does in others. – The Rector of St. Mark's by Mary J. Holmes
  2. But he's left school – The Wrong Twin by Harry Leon Wilson
  3. So he would go to her school and learn what she knew. – "Where Angels Fear to Tread" and Other Stories of the Sea by Morgan Robertson