Synonyms for Scrape:


injure, take its toll, harm. manhandle, guide, take, scour, propel, transfer, roll, put on, advance, pass, shunt, budge. burble, cough, babble, buzz, crunch, blow, scrimp, pinch, click, skimp, save, stint, ding. dilemma, dutch, stress, corner, worst-case scenario, bind, crisis, box, soup, fix, tragedy, easy, plight, difficulty, hot spot, quagmire, nightmare, jam, hot water, predicament, pickle, ordeal, trouble, deep water, battle. chink, clatter, clash, beat, clink, bump, clack, clangor, clip-clop. injury, bruising, concussion, wound, sprain, self-injury, loss. go, progress, press, carry on, walk-on, flow, head, move, forge ahead. chip away, chop, drill, chase, chisel, cut, file, flail, crimp, card. abrade (noun)
bad or embarrassing situation (noun)
dilemma, plight, pickle, corner, predicament, difficulty, fix, jam, trouble.
blemish (noun)
discoloration, abrasion, impurity, eyesore, imperfection, defacement, weal, lesion, fault, brand, drawback, rift, wart, blotch, distortion, deformity, spoilage, stigma, scab, disfigurement, sore.
communication (noun)
crisis (noun)
event (noun)
scratch, scratching, scraping.
predicament (noun)
soup, deep water, corner.
scrape (noun)
genuflect, scrape up, scar, mark, grate, skin, abrasion, scratch, scraping, come up, scratch up, stub, abrade, kowtow, scratching, excoriation.


be very frugal (verb)
save, pinch, stint, scrimp, skimp.
blemish (verb)
discolor, score, chip, disfigure, gash, check, mark, fracture, nick, blemish, defect, hurt, spot, stain, tarnish, speck, splotch, hack, deform, freckle, flaw, spoil, abrade, scratch, kink, deface, distort, pockmark, blot, mar, notch, blister, taint, scar, dot, slit, fleck, damage, scuff.
chafe (verb)
disturb, grind, aggravate, fret, harass, chafe, rub, rasp, grate, scrub, resist, wear, irritate.
contact (verb)
scratch, remove outer layer (verb)
grate, scuff, abrade, irritate, skin, scour, rub, chafe, file, grind, rasp.

Other synonyms:

dutch, concussion, difficulty, deep water, predicament, self-injury, hot spot. hot water, dilemma, soup, scrimp, pinch, sprain, plight, wound, box, injury, skimp, bruising. pickle. jam, quagmire, scour, loss. stint. bind, corner. trouble. skin
Other relevant words:
crisis, genuflect, concussion, pinch, self-injury, corner, crunch, plight, difficulty, pickle, file, skin, injure, scrimp, bind, scratching, sprain, clash, hot water, stint, soup, excoriation, dutch, scour, fix, box, stub, scraping, jam, dilemma, abrasion, pass, quagmire, clangor, harm, predicament, bruising, trouble, kowtow, scrape up, wound, drill, hot spot, scratch up, chisel, injury, come up, skimp, cut, save, buzz, chase, beat, bump.

Usage examples for scrape

  1. " You have got us into this scrape he told Mr. Frog, " so it's only fair that you should help us out of it." – The Tale of Ferdinand Frog by Arthur Scott Bailey
  2. I've got all I could scrape on him myself. – Martin Hewitt, Investigator by Arthur Morrison
  3. Indeed, Miss Barbara, said she, this was quite wrong of you to go and get yourself into such a scrape – The Parent's Assistant by Maria Edgeworth