Synonyms for Pick:


atmospherics, beat out, articulation, mattock, blast, baton, accompany, arrange, blast away, back, bang out. adjustable wrench, applicator, nip, bradawl, blowtorch, bellows, blowlamp, box end wrench, dent, blow, Allen Wrench, bit. delegate, top, put in, tab, best, put into, anoint, single out, name, appoint. damper, opt, fret, key, catgut, single, bow, head, drumstick, bridge. garner, brush, crop, gather, collect, gather up, reap, feel, graze, handle, touch, pat, harvest. designate, decide on, plug, take your pick, help, randomize, vote, shoot. jerk, pluck at, tow, heave, tug, drag, trail, tear at, strain. a chosen option, usually the choicest (noun)
cream, decision, preference, choice, selection, best, select, top, elect.
choice (noun)
alternative, decision, volition, preference, judgment, desire, election, option, selection, discretion, choice, determination.
pick (noun)
picking, filling, foot, blame, piece, weft, cream, pluck, choice, peck, plectrum, pickax, beak, clean, woof, selection, cull, option, plectron, pickaxe, nibble, break up, find fault, plunk.
tool (noun)
handsaw, screwdriver, scythe, drill, trowel, circular saw, back saw, keyhole saw, miter box, awl, planer, Bow-saw, lug wrench, gouge, hedge trimmer, grapnel, level, scissors, Drill press, plane, jackknife, spade, coping saw, pipe wrench, square, hatchet, band saw, wrench, claw hammer, tin snips, lathe, sickle, welder, calipers, buzz saw, ball-peen hammer, spanner, chisel, axe, cold chisel, chain saw, snips, saw, file, edger, punch, bench drill, hammer, shears, shovel, mallet, pickax, vise, knife, tire iron, wedge, scroll saw, crosscut saw, wrecking bar, monkey wrench, posthole auger, arc welder, ripsaw, hoe, auger, crowbar, stapler, spoke shave, jigsaw, sledgehammer, tool, hacksaw, pliers, machete, table saw, jointer, emery wheel, radial arm saw, grindstone.


choose (verb)
elect, adopt, decide, espouse, choose, fancy, select, determine, favor, judge, wish, prefer, like.
choose, select (verb)
tab, prefer, single out, cull, name.
contact (verb)
break up.
gather, harvest (verb)
collect, pluck, choose.

Other synonyms:

randomize, single out, reap, opt, put into, decide on, delegate. anoint, appoint. garner, put in, crop. designate, name. harvest, gather, tab, vote. top. choose
single out.
decide on.

Usage examples for pick

  1. But he'll pick us up as soon as we start." – The Wailing Octopus by Harold Leland Goodwin
  2. They brought this bird up to pick out their eyes. – The Works of John Bunyan Volume 3 by John Bunyan
  3. You can pick the one you like. – Anything You Can Do by Gordon Randall Garrett