Synonyms for Edify:


initiate, ground, induct. illume, illumine. instruct (noun)


communication (verb)
instruct (verb)
enlighten, teach, educate, improve.
teach (verb)
educate, inculcate, imbue, instruct, guide, school, instill, train, coach, teach, drill, lecture, enlighten, tutor, indoctrinate.

Other synonyms:

illume. illumine. teach
Other relevant words:
ground, induct, illumine, improve, illume, initiate.

Usage examples for edify

  1. To ourselves it as the speaking with unknown tongues to the early Corinthians; we cannot fully understand our own speech, and we fear lest there be not a sufficient number of interpreters present to make our utterance edify – The Note-Books of Samuel Butler by Samuel Butler