Synonyms for Hook:


entirely (adverb)


enthuse, attract, excite, fire someone with enthusiasm, intrigue, motivate, inspire, dazzle, interest. adjustable wrench, blowlamp, bit, bellows, bill, box end wrench, tool, bradawl, machete, blowtorch, applicator, scythe, Allen Wrench. buzz, billing, clickthrough, affiliate marketing, advertising, campaign, adspend, move, branding, event marketing, direct mail. secure, fasten, fix, attach, join, connect. strike at, pass, play, dribble, shoot, kick. bite, capture, angling, blood sports, cast, big game, bag. boxer, bantamweight, boxing, arm-wrestling, cross, bare-knuckle, corner, bout, count out. drift net, drifter, cockpit, fishing rod, fishing line, dragnet, creel. hassock, filing cabinet, cheval glass, bookshelf, coatstand, footstool, coat peg, bookcase, console, dressing table. hold on, grip, cradle, clutch, keep hold of something, hang on, hold tight, carry, grab, grasp. curve (noun)
curved fastener (noun)
lock, link, curve, hasp, grapnel, catch, clasp, crook.
fastener (noun)
mediator, bracket, stay, braid, guy, weld, ligament, tack, middleman, thread, closure, band, agent, fastening, knot, bolt, splice, clip, spike, clasp, rivet, binding, mucilage, zipper, lock, Vinculum, go-between, bonding, clinch, brad, snap, rabbet, cotter, pin, bond, paste, hinge, catch, button, staple, anchor, vise, buckle, seal, string, link, cincture, cinch, cleat, glue, stitch, lace, connector, hasp, nail, brace, strap, coupling, fuse, tie, twine, belt, medium, hitch, binder, hawser, chain, cement, fastener, suture, skewer, latch, clamp, knitting, grapnel.
hook (noun)
crotchet, hook shot, pilfer, fleece, cop, sweetener, bait, gazump, rob, claw, surcharge, purloin, snitch, hooking, draw, lift, filch, sneak, soak, glom, cabbage, plume, nobble, thieve, pluck, swipe, knock off, crochet, snarf, come-on, overcharge, pinch, lure, addict, snare, abstract.
needle (noun)
gimlet, hat pin, harpoon, barb, quill, fishhook, thumbtack, needle, spine, lance, prong, spur, spear, pike, awl.
whole (noun)
entire, gullibly, completely, entirely.


curve (verb)
camber, bend, sweep, sag, arch, crook, round, hang, bow, swerve, curve.
grab, catch (verb)
snare, fix, pin, bag, secure, fasten.

Other synonyms:

fasten. dribble, shoot. kick. cross. play. pass. bag
come on
knock off.
lift, thieve, swipe.

Usage examples for hook

  1. " Ready with the hook – Menhardoc by George Manville Fenn
  2. " Oh, I say, what a hook – Menhardoc by George Manville Fenn
  3. Horace Smith said to one who asked him if he knew Hook Oh yes, Hook and I are very intimate." – Letters of John Keats to His Family and Friends by John Keats