Synonyms for Creep:


horror, know-all, loudmouth, public enemy number one, (the) scum of the earth, yob, public nuisance. drop back, ease, slide, fall behind, snake, worm, move, trail, meander, drift. glide, clear, slink, crumple, prowl, gleam, falter, furrow, cross, lurk, flash, gumshoe, skulk, express, crease. inch, heighten, grow, grip, color, sweep over, surge, run, come over, fast, engulf, pulse. patter, pad, fear, like. cad (noun)
changes (noun)
alteration, change, reform, correction, transformation, shake up, evolution, trend, effect, adjustment.
crawl (noun)
writhe, edge, slither, worm along, slink, study at crawl.
creep (noun)
crawl, creeping, cower, weirdie, grow over, grovel, mouse, weirdo, cringe, sneak, weirdy, steal, schmuck, fawn, crawling, spook, pussyfoot.
person (noun)
weirdy, weirdo, spook, weirdie.


crawl along, usually on ground (verb)
slither, edge, writhe, gumshoe, steal, slink, lurk, skulk, grovel, sneak, pussyfoot, snake, worm, inch, glide.
slow (verb)
loiter, hinder, delay, plod, slow, trudge, drag, dawdle, linger, crawl, poke.

Other synonyms:

yob, loudmouth, public nuisance. prowl, crumple, lurk, drop back, fall behind, slink, worm, skulk. meander, inch, falter, horror. snake, gleam. furrow, crease. slide, drift, glide. edge, ease. trail, express. cross. flash. clear. run. pussyfoot
Other relevant words:
pussyfoot, cross, weirdie, cringe, clear, cower, lurk, writhe, creeping, prowl, crawling, pad, worm along, furrow, flash, inch, mouse, gumshoe, run, grovel, weirdo, grow, sneak, steal, ease, color, weirdy, falter, gleam, slide, grow over, move, glide, drift, snake, express, slink, trail, fawn, spook, crumple, schmuck, worm, skulk, slither, crawl, edge.

Usage examples for creep

  1. That there were hidden things in the house she had for a long time been convinced, but of their nature she had been unable to form even a conjecture, in spite of many attempts to creep into the mystery. – The Crooked House by Brandon Fleming
  2. " This is the way they have taken, at all events," he added; " though they have managed to creep under places we might find some difficulty in passing." – On the Banks of the Amazon by W.H.G. Kingston
  3. As it drew nearer and nearer, he began to creep down the branches. – The Redemption of David Corson by Charles Frederic Goss