Synonyms for Roll:


turn something inside out, angle, revolution, rotation, toss, adjust, tilt, tip-up, reverse. tube, transfer, budge, shell, manhandle, fold, take, shunt, cone, cylinder, advance, propel, guide. wobble, sway, swing, roar, vibrate, shake, noise, oscillate, bounce, flutter. toing and froing, wiggle, Infold, swathe, put on, vibration, quiver, swaddle, invest, oscillation. open up, repetition, reshape, heave, rock, pitch, deform, work. beer belly, move, gut, straight, yaw, fat, love handles, middle-aged spread, baby fat, double chin, cellulite, seesaw, beer gut, flab, lurch. cut out, grind, growl, fire, idle, flood, burn up, engagement, backfire, boom. brioche, glide, flow, breadcrumbs, sail, corn pone, blini. wallow, indulge, cower, bask, bend, crane, crook, rollick, bestride, bow, luxuriate, crouch, like, double over, revel, burrow. blacklist, formula, blue book, hit list, glossary, hot list, bibliography. casino, dice, craps, double, die, fruit machine, bingo. knot, fog, froth, fibre, hank, foam, cloud, fiber, billow, block. go, press, head, walk-on, progress, forge ahead, carry on. shuttle, commute, cruise, go down, ride, come up, hitch, hitchhike, cover. resound, purr, pulsate, murmur, resonate. drumroll, lilt, mode, drumming, music, harmony, discord, dissonance, chord, crescendo. unfurl, close, fold up, unfold. be well/badly off, be born with a silver spoon in your mouth, be in the money, be made (for life). account (noun)
inventory, docket, profit and loss, balance sheet, invoice, asset, account, Cashbook, slate, ledger, journal, reckoning, schedule, total, register, budget, receipts, balance, books, general ledger.
book (noun)
bread (noun)
donut, pita bread, pancake, waffle, bread, baguette, flapjack, bagel, white-bread, scone, rusk, dumpling, tortilla, griddlecake, bun, flour, zwieback, muffin, sweet bun, pumpernickel, crumb, hard roll, yeast, sliced bread, whole wheat bread, sweet roll, breakfast roll, corn bread, biscuit, raisin bread, loaf, taco, dough, bread-stick, croutons, brown bread, cracker, whole grain bread, crust, croissant, toast, banana bread, rye bread.
cylindrical object (noun)
cylinder, scroll, shell, cone, wheel, fold, coil, whorl.
expel (noun)
reject, cast out, dismiss, oust.
growl, reverberation (noun)
drumming, racket, roar, drone, rumble, grumble, boom, thunder.
list (noun)
blank-book, tabulate, pad, detail, bill, workbook, diary, thesaurus, repertory, annals, statement, list, Storybook, yearbook, album, log, score, record, tablet, file, summary, table, manifest, treasury, dictionary, catalog, digest, registry, roster, collection, cash book, count, lexicon, book, itemization, daybook, check, scroll, recording, tally, calendar, documentation, waybill, Bank book, recount, logbook, menu, store, notebook, scrapbook, enumeration, sum, novel, index, chronicle, census, history, annual.
list, roster (noun)
census, index, register, catalog, schedule, chronicle, annals, table.
revolution (noun)
revolving, turning (noun)
cycle, spin, revolution, rotation, turn, whirl.
roll (noun)
wind, axial motion, pealing, peal, twine, coil, scroll, gyre, whorl, rolling, ringlet, bankroll, pluck, roster, curl, cast, wheel, wrap, turn over, revolve, seethe, roll out, curlicue, axial rotation, drum roll, paradiddle, roller, undulate, rolling wave, bun, hustle.
rumble (noun)
thunder, rattle, drone, beat, buzz, drum, grumble, thrum, chant, chatter, rumble, hum, reverberation, racket, throb, clatter.
table (noun)


motion (verb)
wheel, turn over.
revolve, turn; proceed smoothly (verb)
wrap, undulate, swirl, swaddle, gyre, swathe, wind, flow, rotate, propel, rock.
rock, sway (verb)
yaw, glide, lurch, pitch, wallow, billow, swing, toss, heave.
roll (verb)
revolve, spin, rotate, turn, swirl, whirl, cycle.
rumble (verb)
spread out (verb)
press, grind.
thunder, reverberate (verb)
resound, hum, growl, drum, rattle.

Other synonyms:

manhandle, revolution, propel, vibration, tip-up, Infold, budge. toing and froing, wallow, toss, shunt, oscillation, sway, wiggle, bask, seesaw, quiver, revel. tilt, angle, bounce, growl, shake, adjust, heave, luxuriate, boom. lurch, work, rollick, transfer, yaw, turn out. rock, guide, glide, flow, invest. sail, indulge, reverse. pitch. advance. take. curl
spin around
turn over
turn over.
Other relevant words:
coil, curl, peal, roller, roar, sway, pitch, toss, account, glide, wallow, rotation, revolution, swing, wheel, sail, yaw, billow, cast, lurch, undulate, wind, heave, whorl, flow.

Usage examples for roll

  1. Then did Ayesha roll the thunder of her might upon the Children of Kaloon. – Ayesha The Further History of She-Who-Must-Be-Obeyed by H. Rider Haggard
  2. Frankly, I don't, either- we'll just have to roll it as we go along. – The Galaxy Primes by Edward Elmer Smith
  3. If you fell off him it was your own fault, and no more was he to be blamed than a bed that you happen to roll out of. – Vacation with the Tucker Twins by Nell Speed