Synonyms for Waffle:


burble, babble, bumble, mince words, weasel, shuffle, equivocate, clear, tergiversate, gabble, sputter, slur, hedge, mumble, pussyfoot, gibber, euphemize. gas, gab, run off at the mouth, jaw, talk through your hat, prattle. chat, gossip, repartee, chatter, schmooze, heart-to-heart, small talk, conversation, banter. cake, brownie, cone, baking sheet, cake mix, chocolate chip cookie, cheesecake, Christmas Cake. bread (noun)
brown bread, roll, raisin bread, whole grain bread, bread, crust, white-bread, baguette, flour, pita bread, dough, whole wheat bread, banana bread, rye bread, bagel, breakfast roll, griddlecake, dumpling, sweet bun, scone, donut, crumb, rusk, sliced bread, muffin, corn bread, croutons, pancake, yeast, cracker, sweet roll, tortilla, bun, loaf, biscuit, bread-stick, hard roll, toast, flapjack, taco, pumpernickel, zwieback, croissant.
waffle (noun)
waver, hesitate.


waver (verb)

Other synonyms:

babble, burble, chat, bumble, conversation, repartee, gabble, prattle, small talk, euphemize, gab, tergiversate, gibber, banter, mumble. chatter, gossip, sputter, equivocate. pussyfoot, jaw. gas, slur, hedge. shuffle. equivocate
mince words, pussyfoot.
Other relevant words:
cone, chat, conversation, equivocate, banter, gabble, gibber, brownie, schmooze, repartee, clear, waver, babble, tergiversate, chatter, mumble, cheesecake, weasel, jaw, slur, prattle, bumble, gossip, gab, gas, burble, euphemize, mince words, heart-to-heart, hedge, shuffle, pussyfoot, hesitate, sputter, cake.

Usage examples for waffle

  1. Pen suddenly darted out of the kitchen, leaving the long hind- legs of a big pair of waffle irons sticking helplessly out from the open door of the stove. – Winter Fun by William O. Stoddard
  2. " Your father wasn't in a very good mood this morning," the housekeeper informed as she served Penny with a steaming hot waffle – Penny Nichols Finds a Clue by Joan Clark
  3. I hope this is waffle morning? – Then I'll Come Back to You by Larry Evans