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waffle - 96 results
Other synonyms:

weasel, quiver, banter, fluctuate, waver, flicker, pussyfoot, hedge, clear, slur, chatter, gabble, cone, sputter, small talk, chat, brownie, repartee, mumble, cake mix, prattle, euphemize, mince words, Christmas cake, conversation, pause, gab, flitter, jaw, gibber, falter, gossip, quaver, heart-to-heart, cake, cheesecake, vacillate, babble, talk through your hat, burble, weave, flutter, shuffle, equivocate, bumble, chocolate chip cookie, tergiversate, hesitate, fudge, schmooze, baking sheet, run off at the mouth, gas.

Examples of usage:

Pen suddenly darted out of the kitchen, leaving the long hind- legs of a big pair of waffle- irons sticking helplessly out from the open door of the stove. - "Winter Fun", William O. Stoddard.

" Your father wasn't in a very good mood this morning," the housekeeper informed as she served Penny with a steaming hot waffle. - "Penny Nichols Finds a Clue", Joan Clark.

I hope this is waffle morning? - "Then I'll Come Back to You", Larry Evans.

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