Synonyms for Crescendo:


leap, upsurge, spurt, rise, surge, jump, upswing, explosion. counterpoint, cadence, excerpt, descant, flourish, arpeggio, accompaniment, coda, breakbeat. highlight, the moment of truth, turning point, milestone, watershed, crossroads, the point of no return, breaking point. harmony, dissonance, mode, lilt, music, discord, chord, drumming, drumroll. crescendo (noun)
expansion (noun)
growth, thickening, expansion, increase, enlargement, fattening, augmentation, burgeoning, amplification, dilation, development, increment, spreading, magnification, broadening, lengthening, widening, stretching, distension, engorgement, inflation, swelling, extension.
increase to climax (noun)
surge, rise, upsurge.

Other synonyms:

descant, cadence, excerpt, dissonance, breakbeat, arpeggio, accompaniment, counterpoint, drumroll. drumming, discord, flourish, coda. chord. music. harmony, mode. Other relevant words:
increasing, cadence, drumroll, coda, surge, counterpoint, upsurge, descant, jump, arpeggio, chord, upswing, breakbeat, excerpt, leap, rise, flourish.

Usage examples for crescendo

  1. " Mack, mack, mack," in crescendo with accompanying blows. – Jan and Her Job by L. Allen Harker
  2. He climbed grandly up the heights of its crescendo Ye doors that last for aye, Be lifted up that so the King of glory enter may," in ever growing power and volume; up to the wonder of the question- " But who is He that is the King of glory?" – The End of the Rainbow by Marian Keith