Synonyms for Racket:


basketball, baseball, birdie, ball, bowling ball, football, beach ball, golf ball, bat, handball. clamour, confusion, agitation, pandemonium, turmoil, riot, stir, beep, rumpus, commotion, shouting, babel, row, babble, free-for-all, vociferation, turbulence, fight, hullabaloo, burst, fracas, brawl, to-do, squall, squabble, scuffle, fuss, bang, outcry, clack, wrangle, clash. forgery, push, extortion, false accounting, bribery, influence-peddling, conspiracy, insider trading, theft, intrigue, game, shakedown, graft, plot, the black economy, protection, lawlessness, lay, fraud, cyberfraud, black market, crime, corruption, trick, embezzlement, dodge, e-fraud. career, calling, vocation, pursuit, action, employ, occupation, work, art, employment, line, business, craft, trade, profession, job. commotion; fight (noun)
outcry, clamor, clash, row, riot, hubbub, shouting, fracas, stir, blare, babel, uproar, clangor, brawl, tumult, wrangle, pandemonium, noise, rumpus, squabble, vociferation, turmoil, to-do, din, agitation, turbulence, squall, clatter, roar, free-for-all, fuss.
crime (noun)
criminal activity (noun)
extortion, dodge, theft, push, conspiracy, game, lay, trick, corruption, graft, lawlessness, crime, fraud, shakedown, plot, intrigue.
dishonesty (noun)
line (noun)
loudness (noun)
clangor, blare, blast, roar, tumultuousness, loudness, boom, tumult, uproar, hubbub, stridency, honk, boisterousness, din, noisiness, clamor, vociferousness, uproariousness, sonority.
loud noise (noun)
racket (noun)
jollify, make merry, illegitimate enterprise, make happy, Make Whoopie, revel, fraudulent scheme, wassail, dissonance, noise, racquet, whoop it up.
rumble (noun)
clatter, chatter, thrum, rumble, beat, drum, reverberation, thunder, buzz, grumble, rattle, chant, drone, throb, roll, hum.
sound (noun)
loudness, sonority.
stealing (noun)

Other synonyms:

babel, bat. pandemonium, confusion, corruption, business, rumpus, vocation, career. profession, occupation, hullabaloo, calling. pursuit. work, job, craft, art. employment, trade. line. make whoopie
Make Whoopie.
Other relevant words:
conspiracy, confusion, e-fraud, burst, occupation, fight, commotion, baseball, line, dissonance, corruption, game, beep, fuss, outcry, jollify, hullabaloo, illegitimate enterprise, cyberfraud, calling, to-do, clack, bat, influence-peddling, graft, fracas, riot, pandemonium, career, business, art, free-for-all, Make Whoopie, lay, handball, profession, revel, brawl, make happy, babble, employment, lawlessness, crime, row, shouting, vociferation, ball, racquet, forgery, extortion, stir, vocation, dodge, theft, turbulence, intrigue, wassail, fraud, plot, make merry, shakedown, trick, squabble, football, fraudulent scheme, noise, whoop it up, work, bang, job, action, rumpus, agitation, craft, babel, pursuit, bribery, scuffle, basketball, trade, clash, clamour, employ, birdie, protection, wrangle, black market, push, squall, embezzlement, turmoil.

Usage examples for racket

  1. Should he start to run away, like as not he would stumble and bring all Mulberry Court to see what the racket was. – Carl and the Cotton Gin by Sara Ware Bassett
  2. That night Frank found a way to get leave to go to the village, and Hans, whom he had told of the coming " racket escaped from the building and joined him outside the grounds. – Frank Merriwell's Chums by Burt L. Standish
  3. At length, however, toward morning the racket gradually quieted down, and we snatched a short spell of sleep until sunrise, when we turned out and proceeded to hunt for breakfast. – The Strange Adventures of Eric Blackburn by Harry Collingwood