Synonyms for Eddy:


crest, catch, dash, deepen, come in, burst, channel, cast up, break. current, repetition, drip, down, in, flow, course, move, ebb, flush. current (noun)
swirl, whirlpool, vortex.
eddy (noun)
purl, whirl, whirlpool, swirl, Mary Baker Eddy, twist, Mary Morse Baker eddy.
event (noun)
person (noun)
Mary Baker Eddy, Mary Morse Baker eddy.
whirl (noun)
backwater, backwash, gorge, vortex, back current, maelstrom, countercurrent, RAPIDS.
whirlpool (noun)
whirlpool, maelstrom.


motion (verb)
purl, swirl, whirl, whirlpool.
rotate (verb)
circumnavigate, whirl, pirouette, gyrate, twist, rotate, circulate, wheel, revolve, turn.

Other synonyms:

Mary Morse Baker Eddy
Mary Morse Baker eddy.
ebb. current. flush, drip. flow. course. in. down. mary baker eddy
Mary Baker Eddy.
spin around
whirl, swirl.
maelstrom, whirlpool, vortex.
Other relevant words:
course, backwash, in, current, purl, Mary Morse Baker eddy, RAPIDS, maelstrom, countercurrent, Mary Baker Eddy, whirlpool, flush, vortex, flow, backwater, down, swirl.

Usage examples for eddy

  1. I thought " deadly eddy sounded like Illiteration, or something you shouldn't do, in the Rhetoric Books, but Jerry was much excited over his description. – Us and the Bottleman by Edith Ballinger Price
  2. The eddy may have a provincial current, but it is not in the great stream, and when it has gone round and round for a century, it is still an eddy and will not carry you anywhere in particular. – The Complete Essays of C. D. Warner by Charles Dudley Warner
  3. For a little Steve Packard gnawed at his lip, caught in an eddy of helpless rage. – Man to Man by Jackson Gregory