Synonyms for Chord:


broken, perfect fourth, arpeggio, harmony, primary, beat, double flat, diminished, inverted, bass, minor, seventh, triad, ninth major, tertiary, B, octave second, augmented, C, sixth, common chord, DO, first inversion, music, second inversion, fifth, secondary, crotchet, Tetrachord, third, D, fourth. chord (noun)
harmonize, harmonise.
curve (noun)
curvature, arc.
harmony (noun)


change (verb)
harmonize, harmonise.

Other synonyms:

diameter, bass, diagonal, beat, double flat, harmony, horizontal, inclined plane, dissonance, drumroll, crotchet, DO. curvature, drumming, D, axis. outline, B, C, arc. music, crescendo. mode.

Usage examples for chord

  1. But with an effort he checked himself, grasped his violin, and struck a wailing chord of lament. – Tales From Two Hemispheres by Hjalmar Hjorth Boysen
  2. Cold is that band which Music form'd her own, When ev'ry chord resign'd its sweetest tone. – Poems by Sir John Carr
  3. He had accidentally touched the right chord this time. – The Eagle Cliff by R.M. Ballantyne