Synonyms for Disturb:


manhandle, shunt, roll, advance, guide, pass, take, propel. devastate, hang over, wound, stab, move. flurry, chill, frighten/scare the wits out of someone, rock. check, bar, thwart, restrain, stop, feelings, prevent, keep from, bug, silence. disarray, mess up. alarm (noun)
disturb (noun)
interrupt, agitate, vex, touch, upset, raise up, stir up, shake up, commove, trouble.


aggravate (verb)
discompose, tease, bedevil, pester, annoy, exacerbate, vex, antagonize, inflame, nag, exasperate, hassle, needle, envenom, infuriate, peeve, arouse, bother, badger, irk, rankle, perturb, harry, upset, trouble, enrage, torment, bait.
bother, upset (verb)
discompose, irritate, gall, distress, grieve, annoy, dishearten, confound, irk, frighten, badger, unnerve, vex, alarm, depress, startle, outrage, harass, fluster, provoke, interrupt, afflict, ruffle, plague, excite, agitate, make uneasy, perturb, trouble, arouse, pique, muddle, complicate, pester, shake up, confuse, rattle.
chafe (verb)
grate, abrade, rub, aggravate, chafe, irritate, scrape, scrub, resist, grind, harass, fret, wear, rasp.
contact (verb)
derange (verb)
dishevel, mislay, disarrange, disorganize, clutter, muddle, tamper, jumble, derange, tousle, muss, blur, scramble, churn, dislocate, capsize, whisk, mess, roil, ripple, confuse, botch, confound, hash, mix up, meddle, roughen, ruffle, convulse, disorder, rummage, agitate, whip, swirl, toss, scatter, ferment, displace, rumple, tumble, misplace.
disorder; dislocate (verb)
disorganize, displace, mix up, upset, disarrange, disarray, tamper, move, mess up, jumble, derange.
displease (verb)
disgust, jar, provoke, offend, displease, anger, aggrieve, repel, rile, shock, scandalize, disappoint.
emotion (verb)
trouble, upset.
frighten (verb)
horrify, alarm, terrify, frighten, harrow, petrify, threaten, unnerve, scare, intimidate, panic, haunt, set on edge, rattle.

Other synonyms:

devastate, depress, hang over, restrain. prevent, thwart, grieve. silence, wound, move. distress. rock. bar. confuse
throw, mix up.
stir up.

Usage examples for disturb

  1. After that he watched him disturb his own footmarks and those of the policeman in the neighborhood of the doorway. – The Law-Breakers by Ridgwell Cullum
  2. At first, stir the soil deep; but, as the roots extend, avoid working among them, and never disturb the roots with a plow. – Soil Culture by J. H. Walden
  3. Rupert and Olivia lived rather a lonely life at the Abbey, but being very much in love, this did not disturb them: in fact it was rather a pleasure. – The Mandarin's Fan by Fergus Hume