Synonyms for Recording:


chant, registration, chorus, concerto, cantata, andante, air, adagio, bass, allegro. discography, long-playing record, flip side, liner notes, 45, disk, cassette, bootleg, tape, concept album. act (noun)
cartridge (noun)
list (noun)
history, manifest, pad, treasury, registry, diary, logbook, documentation, digest, table, count, tabulate, scroll, annual, ledger, book, statement, scrapbook, account, tablet, total, file, album, thesaurus, roll, tally, bill, recount, budget, waybill, log, dictionary, cash book, summary, notebook, yearbook, detail, record, roster, score, chronicle, census, itemization, blank-book, calendar, check, novel, menu, lexicon, workbook, index, catalog, Storybook, repertory, schedule, store, journal, annals, enumeration, register, list, daybook, invoice, collection, Bank book, docket, sum, inventory.
record (noun)
cassette, tape, disk, album.
registration (noun)
the act of one that records (noun)
recounting, reporting, registration, documentation.
transcript (noun)
writing (noun)
handwriting, formulation, journalism, rewriting, portrayal, authorship, transcription, typescript, writing, composition, calligraphy, literature, ghostwriting, notation, correspondence.


chronicling (verb)
logging, Noting, accounting, minuting, Journalizing, cataloging, Enumerating, indexing, clocking, Registering, inventorying, Chronicling, archiving.
listing (verb)
scoring, documenting, Invoicing, Checking, Tabling, filing, itemizing, collecting, Auditing, counting, Tallying, listing, Tabulating, detailing, Digesting, summarizing, recounting, budgeting, Totaling, scheduling, booking, Storing.
recording (verb)
Indicating, Inscribing, entering.
reporting (verb)
telling, Stating, portraying, reporting, Describing, Narrating, retelling.
writing (verb)
corresponding, Transcribing, Formulating, composing.

Other synonyms:

registration. cartridge
Other relevant words:
cantata, cassette, 45, allegro, bootleg, discography, chant, air, bass, concerto, registration, disk, tape, adagio, chorus, andante.

Usage examples for recording

  1. The following event seems to me especially worth recording – The Complete Historical Romances of Georg Ebers by Georg Ebers
  2. I'd been looking forward to putting a recording of his confession on the air. – Four-Day Planet by Henry Beam Piper