Synonyms for Registers:


accounts (noun)
Budgets, invoices, Schedules, receipts, Inventories, balance sheets, general ledgers, rolls, dockets, slates, ledgers, Journals, cash books, totals, balances, assets, accounts, profits and losses, books.
chronicles (noun)
Diaries, daybooks, Newsletters, statements, descriptions, Catalogs, Indices, logs, Autobiographies, archives, scrapbooks, memos, calendars, Biographies, albums, yearbooks, Histories, epics, notebooks, newspapers, narratives, recitals, anecdotes, memoranda, Chronologies, chronicles, Records.
chronologies (noun)
time cards, timepieces, timers.
furnaces (noun)
potbellied stoves, blast furnaces, coke ovens, burners, furnaces, heaters, smelters, ovens, jets, Franklin stoves, warmers, steam heaters, solar heaters, fireplaces, Bunsen burners, radiators, infrared lamps, induction heaters, coal stoves, hearths, sun lamps, fireboxes, water heaters, kilns.
lists (noun)
scores, storybooks, collections, Manifests, itemizations, Thesauri, Dictionaries, scrolls, Censuses, treasuries, sums, lexicons, annuals, Tablets, Summaries, files, bank books, repertories, Tallies, workbooks, bills, checks, menus, rosters, novels, stores, counts, tables, logbooks, Registries, lists, waybills, recordings, details, pads, digests, annals, thesauruses.


chronicles (verb)
notes, enumerates, journalizes, Indexes, clocks, minutes.
enrolls (verb)
enlists, joins, enrolls, subscribes.
lists (verb)
audits, summarizes, documents, recounts, collects, tabulates, itemizes.
records (verb)
indicates, enters, transcribes, inscribes.

Usage examples for registers

  1. The part of our mind which dreams seldom registers its impressions in regions to which on waking our conscious personality has access. – Real Ghost Stories by William T. Stead
  2. As I told you, you were picked not by me but by a computer; the one in the College Office which registers such information as your home addresses and present whereabouts. – The Lost Kafoozalum by Pauline Ashwell