Synonyms for Record:


data, A to Z, datum, fact, writing, story, news, information, findings, legend, word, manuscript, inscription. beyond, too, career, credentials, exceptional, overly, overmuch, administration (of an estate), more, excessive, surplus, accomplishment, experience, background, life, Hyper-, over, reign. accompany, beat out, back, blast, bang out, cut, release, baton, cassette, articulation, single, atmospherics, blast away, arrange. attain, accomplish, succeed, post, be able to do something, achieve, come together, bring off, manage, pull off. allegro, adagio, chant, cantata, concerto, air, arrangement, andante, bass, chorus. concept album, 45, long-playing record, bootleg, discography, liner notes, flip side. cd, dub in, audiovisual, celluloid, dub, dat, dictaphone, dub out, audiotape. commit something to paper/writing, copy down, put pen to paper. thrashing, win, romp, triumph, walkover, upset, victory, winning streak, double. measure out, measure, sound, gauge, quantify, pace out, weigh, fit out. round, process, syndrome, operation, series, charm offensive, trail, campaign. connote, denote, suggest, cohere, fall into place, mean, intend. account (noun)
account of event or proceedings (noun)
report, chronicle, legend, register, archive, log, registry, memorandum, annals, minutes, document, note, manuscript, script, writing, diary, inscription, story, history, memo, documentation, memoir, file, journal, scroll.
almanac (noun)
registry, yearbook.
assert (noun)
declare, attest, issue a public statement.
background, experience (noun)
accomplishment, reign, work, career.
book (noun)
handbook, folio, tract, compendium, volume, insert, verse, pamphlet, script, booklet, manual, textbook, chapter, brochure, play book, magazine, libretto, serial, work, tome, leaflet, publication.
certificate (noun)
chronicle (noun)
album, newspaper, epic, history, narrative, Cashbook, Bank book, inventory, docket, chronology, yearbook, catalog, book, autobiography, register, log, ledger, archive, anecdote, diary, enumeration, memorandum, statement, memo, scrapbook, notebook, biography, chronicle, account, calendar, description, daybook, journal, newsletter, index, recital.
chronology (noun)
minutes, timer, time card, timepiece.
duration (noun)
list (noun)
digest, check, roll, budget, sum, registry, workbook, treasury, annals, manifest, bill, logbook, invoice, schedule, repertory, count, recount, census, recording, detail, tabulate, collection, Storybook, annual, scroll, menu, documentation, dictionary, store, novel, tablet, score, thesaurus, lexicon, summary, cash book, file, tally, roster, waybill, table, itemization, list, pad, total, blank-book.
report (noun)
monograph, treatise, memoir, portrayal, telling, recounting, report, retelling, article.
table (noun)
written communication (noun)


chronicle (verb)
enumerate, note, minute, clock, Journalize.
communication (verb)
enter, register.
give evidence of (verb)
list (verb)
collect, itemize, document, audit, summarize.
perception (verb)
record (verb)
indicate, enter, inscribe.
report (verb)
narrate, retell, portray, describe, tell, state.
write (verb)
correspond, formulate, write, compose, ghostwrite, transcribe, rewrite.
write down; store information (verb)
cut, transcribe, insert, book, enumerate, catalog, tabulate, dub, enter, inscribe, post, list.

Other synonyms:

connote, victory, copy down, cohere, walkover, charm offensive, winning streak. denote, syndrome, thrashing, intend. romp. suggest, win. post, series. campaign. trail. process. cut, upset. mean, round. double. cartridge
bang out.
Other relevant words:
double, too, surplus, career, reign, cassette, dub, accomplishment, exceptional, release, win, manuscript, campaign, post, writing, intend, information, data, arrange, legend, single, romp, trail, gauge, upset, victory, news, inscription, series, process, cut, experience, story, life.