Synonyms for Portrayal:


story, version, tale, profile. show, expression. acting (noun)
portraying, characterization.
depiction (noun)
likeness, representation, portrait, replica, copy, imitation, description.
enactment (noun)
imitation (noun)
caricature, travesty, parody, emulation, reflection, resemblance, duplicate, pseudo, reproduction, mimicry, carbon, mockery, pretense, counterfeit, sham, simulation, burlesque, impersonation, parallel, replication, mirror, echo, spoof.
playacting (noun)
portrayal (noun)
personation, delineation, portrait, depicting, depiction, portraiture, portraying, characterization, enactment.
report (noun)
journal, narrative, retelling, monograph, description, chronicle, anecdote, record, statement, telling, report, diary, memoir, history, summary, account, recounting, treatise, log, article, table.
representation (noun)
idol, impression, copy, facsimile, depiction, bust, carving, cartoon, cast, outline, imitation, duplication, representation, miniature, photograph, illustration, snapshot, statue, likeness, picture, figurine, image, rendering, metaphor, pastiche, analogy, replica, drawing, approximation, silhouette, model, effigy.
writing (noun)
notation, calligraphy, recording, ghostwriting, transcription, typescript, rewriting, formulation, journalism, handwriting, writing, authorship, literature, composition, correspondence.

Other synonyms:

story, version, tale, profile. expression. Other relevant words:
personation, enactment, story, portrait, delineation, portraying, characterization, tale, expression, portraiture, depicting, profile, version.

Usage examples for portrayal

  1. I can imagine no valid reason for the portrayal of so much ugliness; and, what is more important, I can find among the unquestioned masters no slightest precedent for the blank realism of this picture. – Modern Painting by George Moore
  2. The portrayal of angels is considered by the populace to be especially imaginative, and all who affect such subjects are at least in their day termed great artists. – Modern Painting by George Moore