Synonyms for Tally:


entire (adjective)
mass, whole, sum, full, holistic, full-grown, total, full-fledged, all, comprehensive, full-scale, complete, conclusive, all-embracing, sweeping, entire, all-inclusive, gross, global, exhaustive.


countdown, deviation, binomial, computational, average, abacus, decimal place. accord with, bear/stand comparison (with), tale, amount to, parallel, coincide, have something in common (with something). project, prove. account (noun)
check, invoice, book, computation, statement, record, bill, ledger.
amount (noun)
amount, quantity, piece, ration, quantum, portion, proportion, allotment, allowance.
calculation (noun)
consideration, assessment, multiplication, algebra, statistics, determination, evaluation, inference, approximation, estimation, appraisal, system, conclusion, measurement, calculus, supposition, quantification, valuation, triangulation, method, calculation, division, algorithm, presumption, mathematics, arithmetic, enumeration, computation, deduction, judgement, thought, reckoning.
counterpart (noun)
partner, companion, coordinate, complement.
credit (noun)
mortgage, tab, lien, loan, draft, credit, trust.
label (noun)
tag, emblem, insignia, identification.
list (noun)
file, detail, Storybook, table, calendar, tablet, collection, roster, annals, annual, digest, docket, repertory, notebook, scroll, waybill, daybook, album, workbook, log, record, menu, documentation, registry, statement, index, book, census, recount, cash book, blank-book, yearbook, invoice, journal, summary, check, register, list, Bank book, history, roll, chronicle, lexicon, novel, itemization, diary, dictionary, thesaurus, logbook, bill, pad, scrapbook, store, ledger, budget, manifest, catalog, treasury, tabulate, recording, inventory.
tally (noun)
reckoning, account, counting, run, poll, add up, rack up, total, check, summation, sum, gibe, jibe, sum up, tot up, agree, summate, enumeration, add together, chalk up, match, tab, add, HIT, correspond, numeration, score, count, tote up, tot, fit.


accord (verb)
match, agree, jibe, fit, correspond.
add (verb)
increase, attain, accrue, acquire, summate, increment, aggregate, annex, augment, tot up, calculate, count, accumulate, figure, tot.
adjust (verb)
coordinate, conclude, systematize.
agree (verb)
coincide, parallel.
amount (verb)
aggregate, approximate.
balance (verb)
estimate, audit, sum up.
calculate (verb)
evaluate, estimate, surmise, approximate, rate, compute, consider, account, sum, value, infer, triangulate, measure, score, plan, appraise, presume, multiply, reckon, scheme, conclude, plot, program, divide, rationalize, systematize, rank, figure, weigh, judge, think, suppose, quantify, study, determine, calculate, schedule, guess, quantize, deduce, gauge, assess, total, add.
correspond (verb)
list (verb)
note, summarize, document, itemize, collect, audit, Journalize.
number (verb)
abound, count, number, throng, enumerate, swarm.
tally (verb)
inventory, number, tale, compute, reckon, itemize, register, enumerate, catalog, sum.

Other synonyms:

tag. tale. add
summate, tot up.
multiply, tote up.
Other relevant words:
correspond, tote up, tale, run, agree, fit, coincide, match, sum up, gibe, add together, tot, numeration, summation, tag, poll, complement, chalk up, rack up, coordinate, add up, counting, tot up, jibe, companion, parallel, HIT, summate.

Usage examples for tally

  1. The home team could make no better headway against the visitors' pitching and team work, however, and the inning ended without a tally – Bert Wilson's Fadeaway Ball by J. W. Duffield
  2. When he gits out o' his system all the laugh she cain't hold easy, he tells me th' big book is jest nothin' but a tally they use to count you in when you comes to stay to th' hotel an' to count you out when you goes. – The Boy Scouts Book of Stories by Various