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ship (verb)

ship, carry, haul, truck, convey, transport, forward.

recording (verb)

alteration, variation, substitution.

Other synonyms:

deepen, transplant, rapture, direct, flight, transferee, restricted fare, shipping, drop out, head, array, transfuse, bus pass, agitate, transportation system, contribute, canalise, vest, manoeuver, furnish, maneuver, duplicate, absenteeism, credit, mover, backfield, change over, open, dislocate, enchant, removal, deed, center, start, manoeuvre, pay in, slay, yield, transferral, bank, enthral, entrust, auction, shoot, repose, adapt, steer, fare, move on, commend, ballplayer, command, raptus, switch, present, alien, guide, all-American, busy, alienate, take, join, back, channelise, get rid of, point, substitute, debit, counterchange, land, deplane, change, entrance, counterfeit, ecstasy, hawk, change your mind, hit, dislodge, withdraw, call in, retail, expatriation, delegate, help, convert, communicate, fake, graft, ravish, ticket, carry-over, conveyancing, permute, absent, confide, trust, transfer of training, instructions, give, exaltation, sign over, motion, broadcast, transmit, murder, boarding card, fill in, peddle, break into, refer, displace, backpedal, renounce, reproduce, pack, stock, distribute, air, catch, transport, argyle, tape transport, reach, enrapture, transferal, pitch, arabesque, token, locomotion, push, conference, call, attend, audit, call up, busy signal, propel, close, boy, transportation, enrollment, leave, club, commute, enthrall, directions, borrow, articulation, provide, tilt, e-ticket, imparting, launch, arrangement, blue, polish off, get on, part with, disturbance, roll, on, forge, recommend, embark, spread, shift, caller, knock off, law, delight, arrive, cut off, check, transference, give over, lavish, off, enter, capitulate, disembarkation, configuration, attach, revise, take away, move out, chronology, tape drive, modify, answer, careen, supply, reassign, run off, enroll, copy, carnet, make over, boarding pass, move with the times, conveyance, deportation, call back, carry-forward, reposition, season ticket, deposit, stand in, exile, coloration, see reason/sense, vary, conveyance of title, board, advance, manhandle, single, return, turn over, canalize, attendance, center forward, disturb, mortgage, action, conveying, photocopy, channelize, impartation, movement, beam, dub, wobble, buck, lurch, dial, assignment, absence, alter, shunt, cede, landing card, transpose, hand, channel, commit, take out, bump off, column.

Examples of usage:

It appeared that between them they had managed to transfer Amelia's tea from her cup to the front of her dress. - "The Danvers Jewels, and Sir Charles Danvers", Mary Cholmondeley.

The reader will transfer his mental vision to a small but neat and comfortable room in another part of the town. - "Home Scenes, and Home Influence A Series of Tales and Sketches", T. S. Arthur.

Perhaps you would rather transfer your presence to Abdul Ali's house? - "Jimgrim and Allah's Peace", Talbot Mundy.

Similar words:

traducer, transmit, tape transport, troop transport, trainer, trailer, tractor trailer, trailer camp, trailer park, trailer truck.

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