Synonyms for Covering:


concealing (adjective)
enclosing (adjective)
enclosing, embracing, Imprisoning, enveloping, confining.
top (adjective)
housing, shelter, integument.


paint, membrane, surface, plate. case (noun)
covering (noun)
mask, screening, canopy, patina, veneer, broad, coat, shroud, overspreading, shielding, casing, sheath, cover, coating, cloak, natural covering, protective, veil, dermis, wrapping, skin, envelope, masking, blanket, application, wide, overhanging, overlay.
layer (noun)
layer, graduation, Strata, mantle, level, story, tier, hierarchy, lamination.
object (noun)
natural covering, cover.
top (noun)
housing, cover, shelter, integument.


covering (verb)
veiling, enveloping, encasing, Cloaking, Blanketing, Overlaying, enshrouding, masking, sheathing.
defending (verb)
Barricading, returning, Sheltering, Retorting, screening, arguing, opposing, Policing, buffering, countering, Securing, Replying, shielding, Rebutting, Sustaining, Resisting, backfiring, answering, barring, saving, counterattacking, upholding, guarding, safeguarding, protecting, Warding, defending, Responding, averting, Fending, supporting.
enclosing (verb)
fencing, encompassing, trapping, holding, Caging, Imprisoning, impounding, encircling, Containing, embracing, surrounding, Corralling, enclosing, confining.
harboring (verb)
plugging (verb)
stopping, Plugging, tapping, corking, closing, Bunging.
pretending (verb)
falsifying, faking, showing, staging, Bluffing, Imitating, affecting, Impersonating, pretending, Defrauding, Deceiving, Counterfeiting, Claiming, Disguising, Masquerading, forging, posing.
protecting (verb)
conserving, Maintaining, preserving.
screening (verb)
hiding, enshrouding, screening.
shading (verb)
shading, hiding, Curtaining, Obscuring, blinding.

Other synonyms:

Other relevant words:
membrane, shelter, application, broad, natural covering, plate, housing, overspreading, overhanging, paint, integument, wide, surface, protective, cover.

Usage examples for covering

  1. Only was life in her hot eyes, and the trifling rise and fall of the bed covering as she breathed. – The Heart of Unaga by Ridgwell Cullum
  2. In front of the convent was a long and broad plaza, covering over two acres, and surrounded by walls at either end and by the convent in the rear, and a house and wall in the front. – For the Liberty of Texas by Edward Stratemeyer
  3. The outer covering was of native cloth of a dull blue shade. – Jack Haydon's Quest by John Finnemore