Synonyms for Invoice:


demand, insist on something, invite, ask for, appeal, beg, order, request, plead, claim. estimate, billing, tab, pay, pro forma invoice, bill of exchange, bill of sale. account (noun)
journal, roll, balance sheet, inventory, reckoning, ledger, profit and loss, balance, schedule, asset, slate, account, register, total, Cashbook, docket, budget, general ledger, books, receipts.
bill (noun)
tab, checklist, receipt, itemized account, bill of shipment, statement of account, bill of lading, bill of goods, request for payment.
bill of lading (noun)
communication (noun)
bill, account.
invoice (noun)
bill, account.
itemized bill (noun)
check, bill of sale, statement, account, note.
list (noun)
log, annual, daybook, book, recount, index, file, score, dictionary, store, census, itemization, Bank book, cash book, repertory, treasury, album, manifest, detail, tabulate, diary, digest, history, check, scrapbook, registry, Storybook, enumeration, yearbook, tablet, pad, thesaurus, blank-book, count, calendar, sum, catalog, summary, record, collection, annals, roster, workbook, list, chronicle, lexicon, novel, statement, waybill, notebook, bill, table, menu, scroll, documentation, tally, recording, logbook.


list (verb)
collect, enumerate, document, itemize, summarize, audit, Journalize, note.

Other synonyms:

bill of sale, pro forma invoice, bill of exchange. estimate, billing. tab. Other relevant words:
billing, tab, bill of lading, estimate, bill of sale, receipt.

Usage examples for invoice

  1. I don't know much about such things, but a man was through here, about a year ago, and, would you believe it, when he saw the original invoice and looked at the chairs, he offered me two thousand dollars for them. – In Her Own Right by John Reed Scott