Synonyms for Beak:


collar, down, comb, crest, feather, gizzard, cockscomb. roman nose, button nose, mouth. convex, proboscis, body. animal (noun)
neb, nib, bill.
beak (noun)
hooter, nozzle, snout, peck, pick, neb, nib, snoot, schnozzle, bill, honker.
bill (noun)
prow, projection, mandible, proboscis.
nose of animal (noun)
neb, projection, nozzle, prow, nib, proboscis, mandible, bill, snout.
opening (noun)


contact (verb)
peck, pick.

Other synonyms:

feather, button nose, cockscomb, gizzard, roman nose, proboscis. mandible. crest. comb. collar. down. Other relevant words:
down, proboscis, cockscomb, prow, projection, mouth, feather, mandible, gizzard, collar.

Usage examples for beak

  1. This Shotbolt is near to a bird which seems about to give to it the scroll it carries in its beak – Bacon is Shake-Speare by Sir Edwin Durning-Lawrence
  2. His brain was opened, and an animal as big as a sparrow with a beak of iron was found in it. – Inferences from Haunted Houses and Haunted Men by John Harris