Synonyms for Prospectus:


almanac, anthology, autobiography, annual, bible, bestseller, authority, blook, biography, atlas. debenture, planned, capital-intensive, capital, capital gains tax, bond, blue-chip, syllabus, derivative, arbitrage, contrarian, words, annuity, program, bill. catalog/catalogue (noun)
schedule, compendium.
feeler (noun)
proposal, approach.
intention (noun)
idea, policy, wish, strategy, expectation, choice, will, ambition, intention, procedure, object, plan, goal, endeavor, scheme, aim, forecast, proposal, calculation, forethought, approach, consideration, agenda, schedule, scenario.
list (noun)
bill, outline, agenda.
outline (noun)
plan (noun)
prospectus (noun)
syllabus, program, synopsis, course catalog, design, course catalogue, plan, scheme.
summary (noun)
abridgment, digest, epitome, abstract, condensation.
synopsis (noun)
excerpt, digest, precis, epitome, compendium, outline, abstract, abridgment, condensation, summary, overview, synopsis, resume, sketch.

Other synonyms:

program. bill. Other relevant words:
capital, blook, syllabus, biography, bestseller, atlas, autobiography, annual, course catalog, arbitrage, annuity, bill, program, debenture, contrarian, course catalogue, planned, capital-intensive, almanac, words, derivative, bond, anthology, authority, bible, design.

Usage examples for prospectus

  1. Your prospectus is full of interest, and does ample justice to those who have provided you with materials. – Louis Agassiz: His Life and Correspondence by Louis Agassiz
  2. He prepared an alluring prospectus and invited the cooperation of all the best writers in Germany. – The Life and Works of Friedrich Schiller by Calvin Thomas