Synonyms for Test:


experimental (adjective)
empirical, probative, benchmarked, experimental, unverified, tentative, trial, investigative, analytical, hit-or-miss, unproven.
exploratory (adjective)


dummy run, countdown, search, inspection, inquiry, field test, elimination, probing, acid test, shakedown, beta test, inquest. actuate, eject, flick, coax, flash, energize, questionnaire, crank, activate, control, engage. confine, admit, caseload, certify, experimentation, commit, diagnose, bedside manner, cure, doctor. inspect, check over, catechization, scrutinize, review, catechism, go over, monitor. catheterize, bypass, bandage, cauterize, standard, anaesthetize, mark, touchstone, attend, usual, bring back, gauge, anesthetize, criterion, catch, yardstick, bleed. cervical smear, amniocentesis, CT-SCAN, biopsy, CAT scan, blood test, diagnosis, autopsy, checkup, start. ordeal, crisis, worst-case scenario, trouble, tragedy, battle, nightmare, quagmire. bowl, bat, Gabba, batting average, HIT, boundary, crease, batsman, bowler, cricket. crib, candidate, crib note, cheat sheet, mock, borderline, certificate, examiner. put through, challenge, crash-test, put someone/something to the test. cognition (noun)
tryout, trial run, trial.
examination, quiz (noun)
experiment, ordeal, tryout, exam, criterion, verification, trial, standard, probing, inquiry, inspection, elimination, touchstone, trial run, search, investigation, evaluation, questionnaire, catechism, inquest, try, essay, yardstick, countdown, analysis, check, proof.
experiment (noun)
investigation, analysis, verification, determination, trial, experiment, proof, benchmark, probe, research.
gauge (noun)
yardstick, gauge.
measure (noun)
measurement (noun)
survey, calibration, quantity, measurement, evaluation, rate, computation, quantification, appraisal, ranking, calculation, estimate.
medical checkup (noun)
test (noun)
mental testing, diagnostic assay, examine, tryout, run, empirical, trial, experimental, screen, exam, pilot, essay, mental test, try, trial run, diagnostic test, model, examination, psychometric test, prove, quiz, try out.


examine, quiz (verb)
assay, analyze, try out, verify, prove, investigate.
experiment (verb)
determine, assay, verify, try, prove, analyze, check, investigate.
measure (verb)
calculate, measure, scale, calibrate, rank, quantify, score, evaluate, appraise, compute, quantize.
social (verb)
prove, try out, try, examine, essay.

Other synonyms:

catechism, acid test, catechization, crash-test, shakedown, experimentation. yardstick, challenge. gauge. standard, put through. mark. analyze
evaluate, estimate.
Other relevant words:
inquiry, exam, search, catechism, gauge, run, examination, try out, diagnosis, probing, nightmare, beta test, scrutinize, inspect, pilot, mental testing, yardstick, elimination, inspection, criterion, countdown, shakedown, touchstone, diagnostic test, screen, essay, crash-test, acid test, challenge, check over, catechization, control, trouble, experimentation, tryout, checkup, tragedy, review, standard, trial run, diagnostic assay, mental test, questionnaire, ordeal, mark, psychometric test, biopsy, monitor, examine, inquest, quiz, model.

Usage examples for test

  1. Everything was put to a personal test – Quiet Talks on Service by S. D. Gordon
  2. " On the contrary," said T. X., calmly, and rising from the chair, " I am going to put your good faith to the test – The Clue of the Twisted Candle by Edgar Wallace