Synonyms for Agenda:


element, core, essence, basis, concern, key, feature, priority, burning issue/question, staple. order of the day, timetable, proceedings, planned, quorum, minutes, resolution, session, Apologies, motion, lineup, calendar, program. agenda (noun)
docket, order of business, schedule, agendum.
cognition (noun)
docket, schedule.
intention (noun)
forecast, schedule, scheme, calculation, expectation, proposal, aim, prospectus, ambition, choice, idea, wish, scenario, policy, will, goal, intention, procedure, plan, endeavor, approach, forethought, object, strategy, consideration.
lineup (noun)
list (noun)
list of things to do (noun)
lineup, plan, timetable, schedule, program, docket, calendar.
order of business (noun)
order of the day.
program (noun)
list, program.


roll (verb)

Other synonyms:

order of the day, quorum, timetable, calendar. proceedings, program, resolution, motion. lineup, session. Other relevant words:
agendum, lineup, resolution, order of the day, calendar, motion, order of business, timetable, docket, quorum, list, program.