Synonyms for Draft:


fleeting, floating, inconstant, passing, short-lived, short-term, temporary, transient, variable, plans. airborne, airflow, airless, airy, atmosphere, blast, dense, dose, drink, glass, quaff, Breathable. amphetamine, anabolic steroid, anaesthetic, analgesic, anesthetic, antacid, antibiotic, anticoagulant, antidepressant, antidote, control, damper, flap, valve. amphibious, androgynous, anthropoid, aquatic, arboreal, articulate, asexual, captive, receipt, warrant, Caged, best-of-breed. assignment, blue book, certificate, charter, document, dossier, enlistment, enrollment, induction, levy, registration, selection, Annual Report, Consent Form, company report, concept statement, confidentiality agreement. apr, balance, bank, bank draft, bank rate, bank statement, banking, borrower, drag, haul, pull, push, traction, Bank book, BIPS. belt, get down, mouth, record, set down, sip, sup, swill, transcribe, write, copy down, commit something to paper/writing, put pen to paper. awol, buy out, cashier, commission, conscript, give, 4-F. bench, call up, captain, captaincy, commissioner, planned, words, draft in. condensation, drop, jet, leak, moisture, river, spatter, splash, trickle. brew, brewer, brewery, freshen, head, jigger, mash, pour out, microbrewery. bill of exchange (noun)
bank note, order of payment.
blow (noun)
check for paying money (noun)
bank draft, bill, bond, coupon, iou, money order, promissory note, receipt, warrant.
conscription (noun)
credit (noun)
account, credit, lien, loan, mortgage, tab, tally, trust.
draft (noun)
air current, bill of exchange, blueprint, conscription, draft copy, draught, drawing, enlist, gulp, muster, muster in, order of payment, outline, potation, rough, rough drawing, selective service, swig, tipple.
drink (noun)
glass, gulp, potation.
drink of beverage (noun)
drag, glass, quaff, swig, swill.
gust of air (noun)
breeze, puff, wind.
military conscription (noun)
assignment, induction, levy, registration, selection, selective service.
money (noun)
assets, balance sheet, bank note, bankroll, bill, bond, bullion, capital, cash, change, check, coinage, copper, coupon, currency, dollar, dough, fortune, funds, gold, greenback, gross, income, ingot, iou, issue, loot, lucre, money, money order, moolah, note, nugget, petty cash, pocket money, proceeds, profit, promissory note, purse, receipts, scratch, silver, spending money, sterling, stock, swag, treasure, wad, wallet, wampum, wealth, wherewithal, worth, ways and means, net worth, pounds.
on tap (noun)
bulk, availableon tap at tap, unbottled.
phenomenon (noun)
plan (noun)
something formulated; plan (noun)
blueprint, outline.
wind (noun)
air, blizzard, breeze, chinook, cyclone, gale, gust, hurricane, squall, storm, tempest, tornado, trade wind, twister, whirlwind, wind.


blow (verb)
blow, bluster, exhale, puff, rage, roar, ventilate, wail.
creation (verb)
formulate (verb)
compose, delineate, devise, draw, fabricate, fashion, form, frame, make, plan, prepare, rough, sketch.
outline (verb)
circumscribe, contour, delineate, draw, figure, form, frame, outline, plan, profile, represent, silhouette, sketch, trace.
prepare (verb)
arrange, compose, construct, curry, develop, devise, dress, equip, fabricate, fashion, fit, formulate, foster, furnish, make, marshal, mobilize, outfit, prepare, prime, ready, set.
select for military force (verb)
call up, conscript, enlist, muster.

Other synonyms:

brewer, brewery, captaincy, dose, drink, write, microbrewery, draft in. blast, commissioner, conscript, freshen, induction, pour out, sip, traction. jigger, levy. call up, captain, mash. belt, brew, haul. bench. drop. head. conscription
conscription, enlistment.
pour out.
drink down
Other relevant words:
air current, airborne, airflow, airless, airy, amphetamine, amphibious, anaesthetic, analgesic, androgynous, anesthetic, antacid, anthropoid, antibiotic, anticoagulant, antidepressant, antidote, apr, aquatic, arboreal, articulate, asexual, assignment, atmosphere, awol, balance, bank, bank draft, banking, belt, bench, bill of exchange, blast, blueprint, borrower, brew, brewer, brewery, bulk, call up, captain, captaincy, captive, cashier, certificate, charter, commission, commissioner, condensation, conscript, conscription, control, damper, dense, document, dose, dossier, draft copy, drag, draught, drawing, drink, drop, enlist, enlistment, enrollment, flap, fleeting, floating, freshen, give, glass, gulp, haul, head, inconstant, induction, jet, jigger, leak, levy, mash, moisture, mouth, muster, muster in, order of payment, passing, planned, potation, pull, push, quaff, receipt, record, registration, river, rough, rough drawing, selection, selective service, short-lived, short-term, sip, spatter, splash, sup, swig, swill, temporary, tipple, traction, transcribe, transient, trickle, valve, variable, warrant, words, write, Breathable, Caged, microbrewery, plans, BIPS, best-of-breed, unbottled, 4-F.

Usage examples for draft

  1. The one contained the first draft of the drama which, as we have seen, was written in those days of torturing suspense preceding his final departure from his paternal home, and which, subsequently recast, was to take its place among the best known of his works- the tragedy of Egmont. – The Youth of Goethe by Peter Hume Brown
  2. He was sending home a small draft to Field and Company, his bankers, to help towards the girl's outfit and her passage money. – This Freedom by A. S. M. Hutchinson
  3. This was welcome news, as it gave them an opportunity to let the draft animals rest and feed well in preparation for the long prairie haul ahead. – Bring Me His Ears by Clarence E. Mulford