Synonyms for Assets:


accounts (noun)
slates, registers, cash books, Schedules, rolls, Inventories, general ledgers, balances, ledgers, profits and losses, dockets, Budgets, totals, accounts, invoices, Journals, receipts, books, balance sheets.
merchandise (noun)
money (noun)
funds, bond, gross, coinage, lucre, nugget, wealth, profit, proceeds, capital, bullion, income, scratch, pounds, check, fortune, stock, wherewithal, bankroll, bill, note, greenback, bank note, spending money, iou, copper, wallet, money order, petty cash, silver, gold, treasure, ways and means, purse, swag, loot, issue, draft, pocket money, coupon, currency, money, sterling, balance sheet, wad, cash, dough, ingot, worth, net worth, change, dollar, moolah, wampum, promissory note.
monies (noun)
notes, wads, Incomes, greenbacks, bonds, monies, bankrolls, issues, wallets, bills, ingots, drafts, fortunes, cashes, promissory notes, swags, treasures, dollars, profits, purses, coppers, coinages, IOUs, checks, money orders, bank notes, stocks, Currencies, coupons, nuggets.
possession (noun)
properties (noun)
Properties, realms, holdings, wealths, empires, principals, possessions, grounds, goods, domains, real estate, chattels, Resources, ranches, titles, Territories, realties, inheritances, Legacies, fixtures, estates, belongings, kingdoms, lands, manors, effects, farms.
property (noun)
goods, money, land, possession, kingdom, holding, manor, domain, chattel, principal, empire, property, ground, worth, ranch, farm, Resources, title, estate, territory, realm, belongings, legacy, inheritance, wealth, capital, realty.
wealth (noun)

Other synonyms:

capital, property.
belongings, estate, funds, holding, income, principal, property, wherewithal, Resources, net worth.

Usage examples for assets

  1. Indeed, a capacity for making friends and keeping them is one of the most valuable assets of any human being, no matter what his ambitions and desires. – Analyzing Character by Katherine M. H. Blackford and Arthur Newcomb
  2. The " Property Register," kept from the beginning, shows that the amount of property brought in by the members of all the Communities, up to January 1, 1857, was $ 107, 706. 45. The amount held at Oneida at that date, as stated in the first regular inventory, was only $ 41, 740. The branch Communities at Putney, Wallingford and elsewhere, at the same time had property valued at $ 25, 532. 22. So that the total assets of the associated Communities were $ 67, 272. 22, or $ 40, 434. 23 less than the amount brought in by the members. – History of American Socialisms by John Humphrey Noyes