Synonyms for Devise:


creative, concoct, discovery, dream up, creativity, development, hatch, think up, breakthrough, Frankenstein's Monster, coin. lay, strategize, planned, dope out, blueprint, conceive, work out. bequeath, will, law, give, leave. devise (noun)
formulate, prepare, organise, forge, organize, get up, invent, machinate, excogitate, contrive.


conceive, dream up (verb)
construct, form, plot, frame, hatch, arrange, prepare, machinate, formulate, think up, shape, concoct, blueprint, scheme, design, dope out, invent, contrive, chart, cast, plan, forge, work out.
creation (verb)
contrive, invent, forge, excogitate, formulate.
order (verb)
balance, set, classify, regulate, establish, unify, plan, integrate, array, schematize, stabilize, program, orchestrate, chart, systematize, class, screen, scheme, pigeonhole, frame, shape, maintain, collate, arrange, prepare, control, sift, organize, structure, unsnarl, normalize, type, mediate, fix, stratify, plot, sort, cast, rationalize, harmonize, separate, right, support, compose, score, settle, Methodize, marshal, schedule, rate, rank, subordinate, group, design, order, grade, place, form, categorize, adjust.
predetermine (verb)
predetermine, premeditate.
prepare (verb)
mobilize, develop, fashion, fabricate, prime, furnish, make, ready, curry, outfit, formulate, foster, fit, construct, equip, dress, draft.

Other synonyms:

Frankenstein's Monster, creativity, strategize. breakthrough, coin, concoct, bequeath. blueprint. creative, discovery, hatch, conceive. leave. lay. development. create
get up.
Other relevant words:
contrive, dream up, leave, forge, give, bequeath, machinate, invent, excogitate, will, think up, concoct, blueprint, organise, creativity, strategize, hatch, creative, conceive, coin, lay, development, work out.

Usage examples for devise

  1. Freehold was the superior form of holding land because one was free to sell, exchange, or devise the land and had a political right to vote in Parliamentary elections. – Our Legal Heritage, 4th Ed. by S. A. Reilly
  2. But these reflections, which tended to soothe the squire's annoyance at the failure of a scheme which he had contemplated with so much delight, did not prevent him from feeling the most sincere sympathy for Mrs. Goddard, nor from constantly wishing that he could devise some plan for helping her. – A Tale of a Lonely Parish by F. Marion Crawford
  3. From the point of view of art, it would seem at first sight that the result would be a desire to make the image as beautiful as possible, and as worthy an embodiment of the deity as the sculptor could devise – Religion and Art in Ancient Greece by Ernest Arthur Gardner