Synonyms for Leaf:


addendum, blade, appendix, body, acknowledgments, stalk, blurb, back, scale, artwork, book, afterword, leaflet, binding, needle. bud, boll, bulb, beanstalk, aerial root, anther, sheath, bur, bract, skin, sheet, coat. chase, bullion, skim, words, anvil, flip through, investigate, blacksmith, bar, run-through, burnish, beat, crucible, dip into, ct, scan. foot, top, head, leg, caster, runner, castor, shelf, drawer. foliated (noun)
green, fully leaved out, in foliage.
green foliage of plant (noun)
leaflet, stalk, needle, scale, bract, blade.
leaf (noun)
folio, flick, riff, foliage, flip, thumb, leafage, riffle.
page (noun)
page of document (noun)
sheet, folio.


flip through (verb)
riffle, thumb, scan, skim, riff, dip into.
perception (verb)
riff, thumb, riffle, flick, flip.

Other synonyms:

caster, castor, drawer. blade, sheet, shelf. scan. leg. skim. runner, foot. top. head. browse
flip through.
Other relevant words:
appendix, anther, binding, needle, boll, addendum, bullion, beat, acknowledgments, ct, runner, foot, body, blade, top, artwork, investigate, book, scan, burnish, drawer, sheet, skin, anvil, leg, shelf, green, coat, bract, back, caster, skim, scale, stalk, beanstalk, bar, flip through, chase, blurb, dip into, crucible, blacksmith, afterword, bulb, bud, head, sheath, bur, leaflet, words, castor.

Usage examples for leaf

  1. It was a quite real leaf – Legacy by James H Schmitz
  2. When the fourth leaf had fallen, Dusty Star explained the reason of his visit. – Dusty Star by Olaf Baker