Synonyms for Spurt:


upswing, increase, stream, rise, growth, leap, surge, upsurge, jump. get ahead, discharge, outbreak, break through, get on with, plod along, commotion, get along, outpace, progress, advance, explosion, reach, forge ahead. move, fit, flush, rush, spray, impulse, twinge, spasm. give off, beam, emit, give out, spill, generate, issue from, send out. force through, hurry-up, not hang around, gallop through, sail through, whiz through, toss off, zip through, hurry, hasten to do something. burst of activity (noun)
surge, discharge, rush, jet, commotion, fit, squirt, stream, explosion.
spurt (noun)
jet, squirt, spout, forge, spirt, gush.


erupt (verb)
spout, gush.

Other synonyms:

increase, upswing, upsurge, emit, outbreak, flush. rise, explosion, growth, spasm, surge, leap, twinge, spray. impulse. jump. rush. fit. flow from
Other relevant words:
increase, moisture, condensation, spatter, discharge, outbreak, reach, drop, send out, explosion, impulse, rise, commotion, upsurge, advance, twinge, emit, rush, hurry, growth, spasm, leak, fit, spray, jump, surge, leap, splash, river, generate, give out, flush, upswing, sip, move, beam, spill, outpace, progress, stream.

Usage examples for spurt

  1. This did not come off, last night was quiet except for an occasional spurt of rifle fire. – The Incomparable 29th and the "River Clyde" by George Davidson
  2. He fears neither of them, in spite of their menace and their pride, and strikes the foremost of them through the eye so deep into the brain that the blood and brains spurt out at the back of his neck; that one lies dead and his heart stops beating. – Four Arthurian Romances "Erec et Enide", "Cliges", "Yvain", and "Lancelot" by Chretien DeTroyes
  3. But she saw now a look in the hard eyes, about the sinister mouth, which sent a spurt of terror up into her heart. – Six Feet Four by Jackson Gregory