Synonyms for Attire:


tog, put on, invest. order, prank, plain, doll up, deck. article of clothing (noun)
artifact (noun)
garb, dress.
attire (noun)
rig out, dress, tog out, dress up, deck up, deck out, prink, trick out, fig out, trick up, gussy up, garb, fig up, get up, tog up, fancy up, overdress.
clothes (noun)
vesture, raiment.
clothing (noun)
homburg, boot, pants, clothing, halter, chapeau, tuxedo, bathrobe, sari, wear, jumper, raincoat, raiment, mackintosh, petticoat, evening gown, footgear, stockings, slacks, sweater, apparel, shorts, pinafore, fez, ensemble, fedora, bonnet, cloak, parka, turtle-neck, headdress, sarong, trimming, crinoline, jacket, costume, smock, blue jeans, doublet, tunic, jersey, corset, poncho, vestment, camisole, pajamas, duds, suit, scarf, garment, kilt, garb, burnoose, pea coat, frock, sweat suit, skirt, wrapper, pyjamas, cape, shirt, caftan, v neck, dinner jacket, sweat shirt, slicker, brassiere, fur, pull over, greatcoat, clothes, gown, windbreaker, kimono, coat, bowler, chemise, blazer, smoking jacket, stetson, blouse, dressing gown, ulster, t-shirt, hat, topcoat, shoes, housecoat, outfit, vesture, pillbox, habit, beret, robe, dress, sports coat, nightgown, trousers, trench coat, panties, array, overcoat, shawl, afghan.


body (verb)
gussy up, deck up, tog out, fancy up, fig up, trick out, tog up, get up, deck out, rig out, fig out, overdress, dress up, trick up, prink.
clothe (verb)
deck out, clothe, tog, outfit, doll up, deck, array, wear, accouter, wrap, dress, costume.

Other synonyms:

tog. invest. deck
gussy up.
dress up
prink, overdress.
get up.
Other relevant words:
gussy up, dress up, trick out, trick up, fig up, deck up, deck, fancy up, prank, doll up, prink, rig out, put on, invest, tog out, overdress, tog, fig out, deck out, tog up.

Usage examples for attire

  1. There was no one to tell her what to put on, or to help her attire herself. – The Nameless Castle by Maurus Jókai