Synonyms for Conspiracy:


preparation, planning, strategy, arrangements, plan, agreement, blueprint, tactic. connivance, blackmail, machination, Crimes, collusion, criminal negligence, planned, defamation, scheme, bioterrorism, agriterrorism, contempt of court, bigamy, contempt, child abuse. collusion in plan (noun)
connivance, confederacy, machination, cabal, plot, scheme, treachery, trick, intrigue.
communication (noun)
conspiracy (noun)
cabal, intrigue, treachery, confederacy, plot.
plot (noun)
connivance, trick, study at plot, collusion.

Other synonyms:

connivance, trick, child abuse, bigamy, defamation, planning, strategy, preparation, criminal negligence, blueprint, contempt of court, tactic. agreement, contempt, plan, collusion, machination. blackmail, scheme. Other relevant words:
collusion, scheme, bioterrorism, tactic, connivance, blueprint, confederacy, strategy, agriterrorism, cabal, planning, agreement, preparation, planned, trick, defamation, Crimes, machination, arrangements, contempt, blackmail, bigamy, plan.

Usage examples for conspiracy

  1. These unfortunate persons were taken especially from the two dissentient classes, the nobles and the clergy, who were charged with conspiracy under the legislative assembly. – History of the French Revolution from 1789 to 1814 by F. A. M. Miguet
  2. Never for a moment since he had left the peasant's hut had his thoughts been absent from that child, never had they ceased to dwell upon the conspiracy that existed without doubt against both him and her. – In the Day of Adversity by John Bloundelle-Burton
  3. Jem could not bear to speak of his girl who was going from his arms to another's; the minister understood, and joined with him in a conspiracy of silence. – The Sea Bride by Ben Ames Williams