Synonyms for Craftsmanship:


aesthetic, pulchritude, melody, beauty, glory, purity, splendor, work, majesty. artisan, craftsperson, craftsman, modeling, carver, handicraft, modelling, craftswoman. art (noun)
artistry, adroitness, craft.
cognition (noun)
craft, workmanship.
craftsmanship (noun)
craft, workmanship.
creation (noun)
style (noun)
cleverness, skillfulness, expressiveness, deftness, finesse, panache, talent, technique, artistry, grace, artfulness, capability, style, adroitness, eloquence, adeptness.

Other synonyms:

craftsman, modeling, craftsperson, craftswoman, carver, artisan. work. Other relevant words:
handicraft, craftswoman, melody, work, modelling, glory, craft, aesthetic, carver, pulchritude, craftsperson, beauty, purity, workmanship, modeling, artisan, majesty, craftsman, splendor.

Usage examples for craftsmanship

  1. The qualities admired by this new school are certainly the mirrors of that side of the nineteenth- century development most opposed to fine painting, or, say, fine craftsmanship – Modern Painting by George Moore
  2. This pavement is moreover an excellent example of the craftsmanship of tile- making. – Castles and Chateaux of Old Touraine and the Loire Country by Francis Miltoun