Synonyms for Gang:


organization, Support Group, police, commission, flash mob, flash mobbing, panel, association. clinic, committee, corps, class, unit, consortium, board. gaggle, rogues' gallery, combine, unite, collect. culprit, offender, juvenile, criminal, ringleader, underworld, delinquent, accomplice. affiliation (noun)
league, mob, union, coalition.
association (noun)
fraternity, fellowship, society.
band (noun)
bevy, body, corps, association, covey, collection, assembly.
bunch (noun)
group, flock, host.
cartel (noun)
combine, consortium.
circle (noun)
class, cabal, school.
clan (noun)
faction, sect.
crew (noun)
coterie, flock, fraternity, covey, regiment, clan, detachment, league, band, union, fellowship, cabal, fleet, colony, club, cell, squad, crowd, nest, host, troupe, drove, herd, caucus, detail, body, hive, society, force, tribe, clique, bevy, faction, school, army, coalition, set, assemblage, posse, aggregation, cadre, phalanx, collection, staff, brigade, string, outfit, team, sect, division, litter, retinue, junta, complement, assembly, pack, battalion, party, circle, troop, mob, crew, group, bunch, platoon, company, wing, ring.
gang (noun)
crew, company, band, bunch, coterie, assemblage, club, clique, posse, herd, troop, work party, set, organization, squad, pack, clan, tribe, mob, circle, party, gang up, team, ring, outfit, crowd, troupe.
group (noun)
pack, mob, ring.
social organization (noun)


competition (verb)
gang up.

Other synonyms:

culprit. offender, underworld, rogues' gallery, gaggle. corps, unit. criminal, delinquent. juvenile. Other relevant words:
consortium, unit, gaggle, juvenile, offender, unite, combine, gang up, work party, corps, association, organization.

Usage examples for gang

  1. Then he spotted his gang – A Yankee Flier in Italy by Rutherford G. Montgomery
  2. I dare venture to say that every man in the garrison, save perhaps the officers, was watching intently the movements of Thayendanega's gang and it was as if the knowledge of what was about to be done burst upon us all at the same instant. – The Minute Boys of the Mohawk Valley by James Otis
  3. Two of the gang followed on a run. – The Tides of Barnegat by F. Hopkinson Smith